• Satanic Cats Make Pornagraphs Video!

    September 20, 2010 9:39 am 12 comments
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    I told you all! Hell demon cats! Cats are hellbound savages and I today wish I was animal control, because I would build a giant gasoline fire and cheer “Die cats!” and throw each and every of these vermin into it!

    Today as I calmly perused YouTube, in search for more videos to warn everyone about today, I spat out my Oat Bran in disgust! On Youtube cats have made a secret video where they do the nasty!

    They are gay’s cats. Gays want everyone to think it is normal to share videos of cats doing the sin tango, so that when they talk about plunging their sin augers into each other’s sewage ports, we will all laught and say it is normal like watching our pets fetch or take a nap.

    This is perversion. Children on Youtube will see this. If I knew where these cats lived, I’d gather them up and throw them off a mountain and laugh as they meowed in sin all the way down until they crashed straight into hell where all cats belong! Warning: This video contains a flesh shot video created by two cats of probable gay owners. Demand any wife/children leave the room before reviewing for your local parenting/pro-America family group.

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