• Scientists: We Can Create Any Food You Want To Eat

    September 22, 2010 2:56 am 3 comments
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  • Oncorhynchus supertshawytscha is just one of many new genetically modified animals being released as food in America. These animals may destroy and rip apart the life of you and your family at the microscopic, genetic level.

    Beryllium, arsenic, nuclear uranium and cadmium hydroxylase: these dangerous industrial byproducts can tear apart your body’s cells though oxidation, then rip away your life with the poisons of cancer.

    So it is very sad to know scientists are now using manufactured ‘evolutionary’ processes to do the unthinkable. They are using nuclear contamination to breed exotic animals, all for mass consumer consumption. The food product of this new line of ‘designer genetic animals’ will soon hit supermarkets with you and have a payload worse than the nuclear fallout of Chernobyl, Nagasaki and Hiroshima combined.

    In a terrifying new report, we learn that genetic engineering is taking a fateful turn.

    Scientists are poised to release designer animals for slaughter, so that they may be the food product of the 21st century. These animals are irradiated with various gene-altering agents, both radioactive chemicals and energy pulses, to alter the DNA of the base animals from where they are derived.

    For years, genetically modified food has eaten away at the human genome. When you consume a genetically modified animal or plant, the product destroys not only your somatic cells, but also your germ cells. This means that your children, and their children, can be harmed by any genetically modified food that you consume.

    Most people are not aware of GM, or transgenic foods, that have already been sneaked into the general market. Years ago, the book Fateful Harvest revealed how modified corn and irradiated butter caused people in a small town to develop various illnesses, such as cancer.

    University studies have now even revealed there is a ten percent increase in food related illnesses since GM foods have been allowed to be sold to consumers.

    Government lead studies through research grants and independent surveys have unturned very scary facts for any family who shops for food: male sterility, complete cancer, renal failure, failure to thrive in newborns, increased allergies and even dementia have been attributed to modified animals and plants being consumed as food.

    The Release of Super-Animals

    When scientists discover an ‘evolved’ species, they call it a super-species. Evolutionists want to create an evolutionary super-class of animals, known as transgenic genetically modified organisms.

    The science behind these techniques is novel, yet barbaric. Scientists are toying with life forces that can directly influence not only the future of humanity, but every single living organism on Earth.

    The universe has existed for billions, if not trillions of years. Organic life has existed for a little less than 6,000 years. Life is still at a tender point in its progression, and now evolutionists threaten it with zany lab experiments and fraud sciences.

    In the opening image for this publication, you see a new ‘super-species’ that has been created by evolutionists. They call it the “California super salmon”, or Oncorhynchus superioustshawytscha in scientific nomenclature.

    California has approved of these super-animals to be released into California’s streams and one needs only look at the news headlines to see the tragic effects of this animal.

    In the last year, California emergency rooms have seen patient after patient with food poisoning from salmon, and not only that, tumors within the abdominal cavity.

    Even in the environment, natural predators of salmon have turned up dead. The biological cascade affects the local environment, with predator-prey schemas being thrown off, which directly affects the dry chaparral community of California.

    Genetically Modified Animals are a danger. They are a part of evolutionary science and another reason why we must stop the teaching of evolution and its practice in laboratories. Evolution is a false science without empirical evidence; it is an excuse to play God and endanger all life on Earth in the process.

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