• Secret Lesbians Infiltrate the Ranks of Proper Church

    September 10, 2010 4:08 pm 38 comments
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  • It can happen anywhere.

    It was just another day at a small church in Texas. The church allowed female ministers and teachers, and was quiet pleased by two new women who had joined the church. They were good “friends”, of each other and of the faith.

    Little did anyone in that church know that they had one other best friend, lesbianism.

    Lesbians are the equivalent of gay homosexuals. The stats are no different: for every one lesbian, four children get abducted and wrangled. You don’t hear about these as much because the boys they attack, and even girls, often keep in silence.

    You hear about these attacking lesbians most often at schools. Lesbian teachers have a gay mindset, so they naturally enjoy attacking children with sex. It is still not scientifically proven why gays love to attack children so much, but statistics are clear as day about the incidence of such attacks.

    This church was not privy to this information and it was too trusting. The lesbians managed to sneak into the church and teach girls it was okay to have ‘raise your dress time’ with your teacher after class, and for boys, dabble the clam under the table. These are a lesbians favorite tricks to especially get our volatile high school and young college aged sons and daughters to partake in their old cranky lesbian fantasies.

    Here is the pastor giving warning about all of this. This video is very frightening and may not be suitable for younger audiences and sensitive viewers with heart conditions. It is schocking and can happen in any church, maybe even yours! Beware and skeptical, my friends.

    Warning: The following video media is very disturbing and is not appropriate for young viewers. The video features two breeds of lesbians, a posed “Asian wife” and a lesbian so vile, she has clad herself as a man and deceived. Pray before review and order any women and children to immediately leave before discussing with the deacon board of your church.

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