• Soviets Create Yet More Berenstein Bear Nasties Video for Sin Acts

    September 13, 2010 9:49 pm 5 comments
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  • The Soviets are a pervert people who have killed millions of innocents, temporarily allied with the Nazis against America, tried to nuke us, twice, refused to let us have Germany to ourselves, steal our oil in the mideast, help Iran build nukes, is atheist, make annoying faberge eggs and send their spies to steal our secrets.

    This is but a small excerpt of sin from the sot-eyes Soviets, so you know they are all hellbound and will only wish they could spend another moment in cold Siberia when they roast.

    The sickest thing about the Soviets is that not only is their government corrupt, but it goes all the way down to their people. They hate America because we are a religious nation. Our money says “In God We Trust.” Our pledge says “One Nation Under God”. Our national religion is Christian, though socialist liberals in our country like Obama and internet floozis who will come here and lie and deceive, saying it is not the case, are drunk halfwits.

    Here is more proof. Only a few months ago, I reported on how a Russian boat was caught shipping kinky tapes with Berenstein Bears. They were sending it over here to schools our littles ones would see it in class and think about all this sickness. Demand your wife and children leave the room, then look it at.

    Now today, we find them still corrupting the teddy bear. This Russian spy is gyrating her bear and having sally willy time with it. I hope she knows there is a bucking steed in hell and his name is Satan, and he’ll be giving these Russian spies secret parts a lifetime of torment rides and no pleasure you whores! A hate Russia and this type of thing is why!WARNING: The following video is confiscated Soviet propaganda used to corrupt our little ones to think of new things to do to the teddy bear and it is sin. Please demand any wife/children leave the room and then pray before reviewing this video for your local parenting council.

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