• Spineless Cory Pavin Betrays Golf, Picks Tiger Woods as Ryder Cup ‘Wild Card’

    September 8, 2010 3:24 pm 6 comments
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  • Tiger Woods is a sick man. Woods stands guilty of acting like he is a normal person, when in reality he is just a typical Ho Chi Minh Charlie mut who betrays us the second our backs our turned! Judas Iscariot!

    How much did it hurt when we all found out about Tiger Woods’ affair on America? For years, we let him pass himself off as a normal person, a role-model. “I’m Tiger Woods!”, we let children exclaim in commercials!

    Tiger Woods of the U.S. reacts after missing his putt on the 10th hole during the fourth round of the Deutsche Bank Championship golf tournament in Norton, Massachusetts September 6, 2010.  REUTERS/Brian Snyder  (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT GOLF)

    Asian jack rabbit who cares not about morality or children, but only about having his willy dangled! Sicko whore devilmixed Ho Chi whore!

    And even in the midst of all these horrible things, Tiger Woods has been chosen as the charity “wild card” pick for the Ryder Cup. After we found out about Tiger Woods cheating on us all, betraying his beautiful Swedish God-sent wife Elin Nordgren and their children, we prayed against him. We prayed God would remove his innate genetic abilities to do mathematics and raw black sports talent. And God obliged our wishes.

    Tiger Woods has had a horrible year. Shooting over par, no birdes in sight! He is a failure and we cheer him as he falls from his mountain of lies and adulterated sins!

    But Cory Pavin is spineless. Cory Pavin has betrayed America and golf by giving Tiger Woods a spot on the Ryder Cup team. I thought, maybe Pavin is a victim of affirmative action. Maybe he had to pick a mutt and a handicap named Ryan Fowler. It would make sense.

    I then called into the PG.A to verify my research and a spokesperson made it clear that there was no affirmative action at play. That these are legit picks and really, in sports it is more than just who can create the biggest spectacle. It is about ethics. Morality. Decency. Especially when that sport is as pure as golf.

    So now, we find yet another good sport sullied and darkended by a man’s shadowy past, his sable sins! We can only pray now that he twists his ankle or throws his back, as America will be shamed and lose the Ryder Cup this year. Why?

    Because now the entire American Ryder Cup team is branded with the scarlet letter A. And that scarlet A does not stand for America.ft.

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