• The 10 Worst Masturbation Propaganda Films on the Internet

    September 23, 2010 3:55 pm 44 comments
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  • When was the last time the people of this nation had a frank discussion about personal bodily morality? Christine O’Donnell aims to change all that. As Delaware’s Tea Party candidate for Senate, O’Donnell has inspired many to revisit an old debate about the spiritual and physical unhealthfulness of masturbation. Her inflexible advocacy for abstinence as president and founder of the Savior’s Alliance for Lifting the Truth is truly invigorating. It also serves as an excellent response to the contamination propaganda that the champions of self-pollution cling to so readily in our culturally divided times.

    For Christians, it’s now more important than ever that we look back on the fascinating and tortured history of self-gratification. We need to educate ourselves about the sad methods that scientists, socialists and sexual adventurers employ to spread their disease of disinformation. In Genesis and Matthew, Colossians, and Leviticus, the Bible beseeches us to embrace purity and cleanliness over all evil habits. You will see that those wise commands are criminally absent in the videos below. The level of unrepentance and pride is truly gruesome. To finish off the field, we have included some scholarly insights after each film to counterpoise these warped diatribes of redolent perversion.

    1.Sex Education for Trainables (1975)
    An intrusive mother (father is oddly absent) encourages her young son Ricky to play with himself. The “Make Love, Not War” sticker on the bedroom door and the woeful guitar solo in the background are clear indications of bygone, indulgent era.

    “Masturbation is an intrinsically and seriously disordered act. […] It lacks the sexual relationship called for by the moral order, namely the relationship which realizes ‘the full sense of mutual self-giving and human procreation in the context of true love.’” –Franjo Cardinal Seper, The Vatican’s Official Position on Masturbation.

    2. “Every so often I get a strong sex urge” (c. 1960s)
    A teen athlete questions his need to masturbate incessantly and is harassed by doctors in skinny ties and shirtless boys in the locker room.

    “We need to address sexuality with young people and masturbation is part of sexuality, but it is important to discuss this from a moral point of view. The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery and you can’t masturbate without lust. The reason you don’t tell [young people] that masturbation is the answer to AIDS and all these other problems that come with sex outside of marriage is because again it not addressing the issue.” –Christine O’Donnell, Republican Senatorial Candidate From Delaware

    3. Every Boy Gets Hard (1975)
    If you’re looking for the definition of a “dirty old man” you need go no further than this video, replete with pornographic pictures the mustached elder pulls from his pocket to show the youth on a stained, saggy couch.

    “Masturbation is reported in all countries as a frequent cause of insanity; sometimes it is the prelude to mania, to dementia, and even to senile dementia; it flows into melancholy, leading to suicide. It is more fatal in men than women.” –Dr Robert P. Ritchie, “An Inquiry Into a Frequent Cause of Insanity in Young Men”

    4. As Boys Grow: The Wet Dream (1957)
    An older boy lures a younger one into talking about sperm.

    “Masturbation is one of the scourges which secretly attacks and destroys humanity. It is the destroyer of civilisations.” –Dr Reveille-Parise

    5. Am I Normal? (1979)
    Homoerotic high school locker room moments and the unapologetic use of the word “penis” make this one an offence to all the senses.

    “How diffused secret wickedness may become in schools appears every now and then in scandals so dreadful, that the natural tendency of all concerned is to hush them up and forget them as speedily as may be.” –William Acton, “The Functions and Disorders of the Reproductive Organs”

    6. Boy to Man (1962)
    Despite the clinical look of this film, the subversive idea that self-masturbation is an “outlet on the way to maturity” is a repulsive one, particularly with how the film ends (a teen wanders over to his bed, the room quickly darkens and the voiceover notes, “it takes time”).

    “Habitual masturbators have a dank, moist, cold hand, very characteristic of great vital exhaustion; their sleep is short, and most complete marasmus comes on; they may gradually waste away if the evil passion is not got the better of.“– Dr Claude François Lallemand

    7. Just Started Masturbatin! Chewin’ the Fat (2000)
    An unnecessarily crude and Scottish attempt to find humor in masturbation addiction. No surprise that Mother is so loud and overbearing!

    “It is time for me to tell you, that the Crime against which I warn you, is that Self-Pollution, which from the Name of the Person that stands for ever stigmitz’d for it in our Holy Bible bears the Name of ORANISM. Among the Libidinous Practices of the who do Evil With Both Hands earnestly, they have the cursed way of procuring a Discharge, which the God of Nature has ordered only to be made in a Way which a Lawful Marriage leads unto.” –Cotton Mather, “The Pure Nazarite: Advice to a Young Man”

    8. Masturbation with Dr. Ruth Westheimer (2009)
    The salty senior of sex science takes to YouTube to promote hardcore pornography, dildos and self-gratification.

    “Miserly bachelors, hermits, and often widowers resort to self-pollution when financial affairs prevent their visiting houses of ill fame. I am credibly informed that the vice of self-pollution, by the hand, prevails largely among soldiers, as well in convents, and public schools.” –Dr James Tyler Kent, “Sexual Neuroses”

    9. Weeds: Masturbation Lesson (2006)
    A confused child is shocked into silence by a foul-tongued hedonist offering tips on lubricants and microwaves in this clip from one of cable’s most offensive shows.

    “To prevent the immense evils of self-pollution, therefore, in our boys and students… They should always subsist on a plain, simple, unstimulating, vegetable, and water diet; and care should be taken that they do not eat too fast, and are not excessive. They should never be kept too long a time in a sitting, confined, or inactive posture. They should never sleep on feathers.”
–Sylvester Graham, “Lectures on Chastity”

    10. What the Heck is Happening to My Genitals? (2008)

    An odd example of contemporary sex ed that uses cartoon graphics to familiarize children with the mystery of their genitalia. Describing a female body part as, “a special place that smells like the sea” many will find particularly reprehensible.

    “As a society, this degree of self-manipulation goes too far in familiarizing men and women with their bodies. These people become less active in their communities and begin to see themselves as sexual predators whose sole purpose is to climax at the end of the night. Masturbation has had a ruinous effect on the institution of marriage. Countless couples have been destroyed by porn addiction, many other men have just given up on the idea of marriage because they prefer to pleasure themselves whenever they choose, free from the interruptions of family life.” –Christwire, “How To Spot a Masturbator.”

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