• Two More Female Teachers Brutally Attack Boys With Summer Sex Parties, Drugs

    September 23, 2010 1:50 am Comments Off on Two More Female Teachers Brutally Attack Boys With Summer Sex Parties, Drugs
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    Two Boiling Springs teachers are in a heap of hot water after authorities have found they plied boys from their school with alcohol, using Satan’s drink to lower the boy’s inhibitions so they would allow themselvs to be attacked with sex.

    What’s even more tragic, is that they even had smoked marijuana forced into them by the teachers.  Behold the guilty!

    Imagine the horror of the childen these teachers attacked. Every teenage boy has a pure mind, unless it is corrupted by sin whores. Instead of teaching maths or American, these teachers instead were using their exposed fire pits and the most deadly crops from Farmer Satan’s fields of iniquity — alcohol malt and Mexican marijuana — to get these boys to be compliant and allow themselves to be attacked with sex, all without a fight.

    Says one pastor, who lives in the school district where all of these heinous, depraved crimes took place:

    “”Too many of our children are dying on our roadways because they’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs provided to them by someone older.” Wright added. “This has to stop.'”

    Indeed it does have to stop.  Every day, millions of our sons, nationwide, are trusted to go to school.  These female teachers are lustful harlots.  They sit there and salivate about our boys.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the gays doing this, but these are usually married or normal female teachers.  Then the unthinkable!

    Why is there an emergent culture that applauds those who exploit our sons.  Is it a part of the feminist agenda we warned about?  Feminists love it when boys are scarred before college, so they will be too emotionally shattered to matriculate or apply themselves.  Then the feminists brag and try to act like there are 60% college filled rate by female. 

    The fact of the matter are these nasty teachers are attacking our sons and hurting their lives.  If the laws were proper, we’d be allowed to tar and father every single female teacher who pushes herself onto our sons.

    We would then be able to give these boys free scholarships to any school of their choosing and if a girl had that money, the boys should get it instead for reparations.  It is not fair that for so many years, boys are being allowed to get attacked just because they have the superior chromosome Y and everyone just assumes because they are boys, ‘they like it’ or ‘they could fight it off’.

    It is all exploitation of minors you liberal sickos!

    If these were male teachers, there would be mobs calling for them.  The girls would be given the best of everything.  So why are people not more upset about this and supporting young men who are subjected to this sort of authoratative exploitation.  It is wrong and it is nasty!

    So there we have it, I bet they give them a month or two probation and then let them do whatever they want.  No punishments.

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