• Week 15 America’s Got Talent: Jackie Evancho Sings with Heavenly Voice of an Angel

    September 12, 2010 12:26 pm 3 comments
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    Jack Evancho was unknown to America.  Then approximately three weeks ago, America discovered the voice of an angel, all in a 10-year-old child.

    Jackie Evancho submitted her music video audition to a show named America’s Got Talent, via video site YouTube.com.  This girl is heavenly.

    Her voice is like having the wings of angels whisp a light breeze over the airy surreal mountain clouds of heaven, and gently across your face on an ardent spring’s morning.  The breeze then goes to your ears, taking your mind to the throne of heaven.

    This child is of God.  Her voice is blessed and the music inspires:  how can a girl, but a child, have a voice like this.  She is truly an angel.

    Just take this in, my friends.  This is the winner for America’s Got Talent:  Jackie Evancho, the angel child who sings.

    Synopsis:  America’s Got Talent

    America’s Got Talent is a new American television show that acts like a big talent show.  It is hosted by a black gun rapper named Nick “Cannon” to symbolize guns.  They have had him clean up his act and wear suits on this show though, so that is alright.

    The show is hosted by a French gay man named Piers Morgan, demon Ozzy Osburne’s wife Sharon Osburne and a random biker looking man named Howie Lindell.

    Though the show does have positive moments, viewer discretion is advised as some acts are very dangerous and Satanic.

    Rating:  C (for Caution) due to:

    Televised devil’s acts (magic, effiminate “fire lords”, gay music, black music, children showing legs, hookers, gay agenda, Soviet danger stunts, liberal agenda)

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