• When A Stranger Calls – A Daughter’s Horror Story

    September 25, 2010 11:41 am 25 comments
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  • Teenagers love to challenge authority. As their bodies grow due to the hormones God planned in their alleles, teenagers feel their body changes give them the right to challenge your parental authority that you’ve been given over them.

    Modern media plays into teenage rebellion. In movies and shows, rogue teenagers who get pregnant at orgies and perform lewd acts upon one another are praised. Teens who dress in inappropriate jeans and short skirts are called ‘independent’ and ‘industrial’. Those who listen to music in your home, that you forbid such as Metallica, Insanity Clown Posse and even rappers Ludicrous and Stankon, are praised as doing something novel when in reality, they are just priming their souls to burn in hell.

    Teenagers are dumb and gullible; they are headstrong and just like a child with a fork near an electrical outlet, know not the shock the world is prepared to deliver to them. It will be enough to jolt their heart into an explosive panic.

    In today’s time, between having a boy or girl, it is far more difficult to raise a girl child. Gone are the days when a mother only had to provide the girl education enough to eventually raise a moral family herself, and instead, we have school girls being taught about abortions, penile orgies, drugs and worst of all, feminism.

    It is these things that give girls a novel attitude that they can date older men and not get molested. It is the curse of feminism that is responsible for 38% of young, defenseless and gullible girls aged 16 – 24 getting infected with AIDS and papillovirus cancer. Girls need to understand that they are naive and have not seen the real world. The Big Bad Wolf lurks around every corner and he has veiled his big teeth and big black snout with the covers of innocence, but beware! He can bit at any time and Satan’s favorite snack is your girl child’s precious and fertile secret garden.

    Satan will use any medium he can to vicariously eat of your daughter’s pristine virginity! Make no mistake, that we must remain vigilent in warning girls that they will burn in hell for challenging authority. It pains my heart when I hear about girls as young as 16 or 17 being left home alone to baby-sit, when their minds are still of children and they are still not yet ready for proper marriage bonds.

    These girls today are allowed to prowl the street at all hours of the day and even night, wearing clothing that will just result in them being bent over and bothered by a gang of prowling blacks. Girls must understand that they have a 2 out of 5 chance of this happening and most attacks are kept secret, out of shame and not wanting to admit father was right!

    Girls, beware! There are evil forces out there to get you. Remain in the protection of your Father, his words divinely guiding you into the safe hands of a suitable man to marry you. Don’t lose the path set out for you, or you will end up like these girls in the following video! Beware! Beware!


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