• White Rapper Justin Bieber Wears Black Gang Clothes at MTV Music Awards

    September 12, 2010 10:11 pm 38 comments
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  • Only moments ago Tyson Bowers III tweeted a picture he caught of Justin Bieber smoking drugs! at the MTV Music Awards. I broke the story here and parents nationwide are shocked they have let their children listen to Justin Bieber. Now all parents must worry of their children are under the influence of Bieber and doing drugs, drinking Satan’s nectar or worse, all of the above with a side of fornication after school!

    So he probably ran backstage after he heard about my expose and tried to act like he is clean. He went and put on some clothing him and his little gang of thugs Ludicrous, Eminem, Nick Cannon, Ying Twins and Fergy.

    This boy is bone bad and he is a thug. Let us look at the evidence:

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9750714″]

    In this picture, Bieber crosses is arms in a gang sign. This one means “Crisps”. There is a black gang in Los Angeles known as the notorious LA Crisps. They call themselves that because they 1) are black 2) wear all black 3) were founded by black militant Crispus Attucks.

    Despite being white Justin Bieber is rich and has millions of things that black gangs love more than money: our screaming suburban daughters and their untouched innocence. This is why you must not let your daughters go to see Justin Bieber.

    Crisps attend his concert with other assortments of these preying blacks gangs and they just want to dally our daughters in their backside like they brag about on their rap videos! Justin Bieber is their bate and our daughters the fish! They want to haul in a good catch and then play filet mignon with their fish caves and make them rotten with sin!

    I hate how rappers exploit women and I refuse to let Bieber’s intentions go unknown to you parents. I cannot stress enough how black rappers are using him to get our daughters. Look at him wear more of their clothing and make girls cheer and follow him, not knowing abobe the next hill lies a gang of thugs waiting to stick needles in their arms and then do all sorts of nasty things to them!

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9750703″]

    Here Justin Bieber leers at a group of high school girls. Unseen in the background is Dr. Dray and Snoopy Dogg licking their chops and getting ready to feast on their favorite scobby snack, our daughter’s virginity! Sickos and I’m anger!

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9750415″]

    Now Bieber puts glasses back on and flirts with the next group of girls. He keeps these glasses handy because remember I caught him smoking drugs and his eyes are likely redder than a nervous illegal Indian Mexican in the sunlight heat of Arizona outcast!

    Don’t call me racist because I’m not I’m American! Illegals are criminals and what’s even worse is this sicko and don’t you dare try to play the high road when this boy is helping thugs take our daughters and corrupt them with Mexican drug orgies!

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9750420″]

    Justin Bieber is without real talent. His singing is mediocre and his voice cracks in the minor harmonic bridge he attempts on most of his rap songs. He cannot dance and is also a horrible actor with a lesbian haircut. The only reason he is popular is because Ludicrious is marketing him as a ‘Boy Friday’ for these emotionally spent hormonal middle school, high school and college girls who have pupply love for Justin Bieber.

    They are innocent but Bieber’s intent is sinister: lossen their morals so Satan can slip in their and corrupt them with forked tongues and rapped words. This is all sick and Bieber only has two poses, the second of which you see above.

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9750421″][picappgallerysingle id=”9750428″]

    Here Justin Bieber is wearing his gang’s jewelry and licking his chops like an illegal guardian when a woman walks by. This is just low class and parents, I am shocked if you have not yet gone to your child’s room and demand they throw away everything related to Bieber and delete their computer.

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9750434″]

    Another gang sign. This time, Bieber is splitting his fingers. This is innuendo for what black rappers expect to do to your daughters’ legs after they trick them at a party by slipping out their drink with Satan’s sauce and put snort coke in there too.

    Liberals out there try to always claim that Ludicrous is not really friends with Justin Bieber, but we see them hanging out time and again. Ludicrous is 39 and not married. That is suspicious, and he likes Bieber because he brings him a black man’s favorite treat: white milkcakes.

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9750655″]

    There are the two partners in crime. Ludicrous is dressed the same to show solidarity with their tribe gang.

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9750444″]

    Look at how the hail him the next image.

    Justin Bieber is carried by dancers as he performs during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California, September 12, 2010. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) (MTV/SHOW)

    They hail him as a king because he’s the hand that feeds them our daughters. PARENTS PROTECT YOUR DAUGHTRES FROM THIS SPIDER BLACK WIDOW TRAP! You have only yourselves to blame when your daughter turns up dead from being dong dangled with drug needles and satan scepters and heaven knows what else when she gets abducted from Justin Bieber concert!

    Justin Bieber performs at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California, September 12, 2010. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) (MTV/SHOW)

    Look at the hands of all those dumb, naive girls. They do not know Bieber’s true purpose or the fact that 12.9 of them will come up missing after this concert, never seen again and ravaged by a gang of prowling blacks. Justin Bieber is a rapper, parents. Get it through your head. This is more than enough proof and if you would not let your daughter alone in Central Park or East LA at night, dressed in a hooker’s speedo thong, then you should not let her to Bieber’s concert.

    How many of those girls up there have parents? All of them. Could one of those hands be those of your daughter. Do one of those poor souls, in danger, belong to you.

    Protect your daughters from Bieber and MTV VMA Awards parents. Beware!

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