• Woman Uses Zucchini To Fight Off Bear

    September 24, 2010 12:22 am 7 comments
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  • It was late at night.  A woman in a rural town heard a noise outside.  She sneaked into the cold, damp recesses of pre-dawn darkness, into the great unknown abyss of Montana wild-country.

    In her hurry to find the source of the rustling noise.  Shock!  A black grizzly bear.

    Armed with only a zucchini, this woman was about to partake in a rarely seen battle of a woman versus nature.  Who will come out victorious?

    To find a sneaking black beast, prowling outside your home, must be one of the scariest things we all fear. 

    Missoula Country Sheriff’s Deputy Rich Maricelli say this 200 pound black first attacked one of the woman’s dogs with the ferocity of a twice angered Michael Vick, the killer of puppies.

    After the bear finished savaging the dog, it had bloodlust in its mind and heart.  Out came the woman, armed with a zucchini, hearing the pain cries of her pets and wanting to find the source of the noise.

    When the woman went outside, the sherrif’s deputy reports she saw the bear.  She stared it in the eye with a cold, lonesome stare.  It was life and death.

    The bear went on the attack.  It feinted to the right, drawing the woman into an attack to which the bear responded with unprecedented deftness and offensive savvy.

    Luring the woman to put her guard down after a missed attack, the bear was able to use the opportunity to bite deep into her right leg.

    Now being eaten, the woman reached a desparate time. She looked around for a weapon, and just within her finger’s grasp, was an extra large zucchini the woman had harvested from her garden.

    As the bear continued to gnaw and bite at her leg, the woman used the last ounces of her strength to fling the zucchini at the bear’s face. Stunned and shocked with the fresh onslaught, the bear teared away into the night whence it came!


    Here in this article, we see the details of a story where a woman met a very common advesary, a prowling black, outside her home. The bear was a very powerful foe, but there was something the woman had that the bear did not: God.

    God ordered women to do their duty at home and to tend to their family and their home duties. It is in Genesis.

    This woman ran outside because she wanted to protect her dogs. That is noble. This woman had a women, imbued with a divine power, because she stuck to her duty and saw to a proper garden.

    Officials are still perplexed, as the woman’s leg injury has healed quickly and not needed any major medical care. They are also shocked and trying to figure out how a zucchini can scare away a 200 pound bear.

    We know the answer. Glory.

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