• A Secret Peek At Chinese Kindergarten

    October 6, 2010 8:46 am 24 comments
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  • I am extremely terrified of Chinese people, but I’m not racist. Only a year ago, I penned an expose that revealed the Chinese Empire’s wanton lust for American blood.

    From the time every child in China is born, they are taught that cardinal life principles include exploiting and torturing Americans at every turn.

    Most Chinese children are male, since families in the cold, communist nation violently murder 8/10 girls due to the government’s one child policy. All of these males are required to also undergo rigorous military training, so they may place steel boots on foot and trample America on China’s anticipated ‘Day of Mao Kong Glory”.

    Only a little over 60-years-ago, Chinese boys hopped in kamikaze planes and sought to murder every American from West to East. These violently vengeful vessels of immersed Chinese hatred are now the grand-fathers and great-grandfathers of a new Chinese generation.

    You love your children. So your heart breaks and is horrified to know that the Chinese elders are preparing their children for a new day of infamy. A day when they again fly their planes here and atom bomb your son’s bedroom and chase your daughter and wife down, then do typically horrible Asian things to her.

    Never forget, Chinese fathers have no issue with murdering their own daughters, so will delight at the opportunity to ravage and then violently bludgeon your precious little angel to death.

    Look at these secret images from Beijing, China kindergarten:

    Kindergarten is a German word that means ‘children’s garden’, so how frightenly appropriate is it that a nation who allied with NAZI Germany in the Sino-German cooperation is sowing a new generation of hate in their new crop of China children.

    Every Chinese child hates Americans and knows 8 ways to kill us by age 6.  We must fear China and know that in their hearts is only jealousy, false teachings and a burning, insatiable rage to ransack our peaceful lands and give bring death to us all.

    Let us hope and pray that America remains vigilent and prepared to douse the firebreathing dragon of China once more when it arises to sear us all to death.

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