• Anime is the Japanese Word for Pornography

    October 25, 2010 3:01 pm 43 comments
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  • Japan is a very dangerous place where children can buy sex comics that the Japanese call ‘anime’. In English, the world ‘anime’ means pornography.

    This news is very scary and shocking for many of you parents. If you must pause and hurry to your child’s room to remove any of this poisonous material that comes in book and DVD form, that is fine and please feel free to do so right now. Time is of the essence.

    Anime is no different than letting your child read Playboy or Homomolester Weekly. These books are all about fornication and children being exploited by venus fly trap monsters, octopuses, Asklan school boys, girls with drug eyes and pig tails and no panties drawers and then exposed secret parts.

    The language in these books is also very dirty and dangerous. The Japanese and liberal marketers, as well as perverted people here in our own country will fight and try to say anime is not secret Japanese pornography.

    They are sick liars who like the idea of kids seeing a center of Playboy Magazine while in kindergarten or younger. This is sick.

    Here is more proof that anime is not just a children’s cartoon.:Warning: Anime is the Japanese word for pornography. The following Japanese export comic for “America children” has crass language and improper scenes. Please immediately pray and deman wife and children that may be present leave the room before reviewing.

    You are shocked. Your child comes homes every day and watches anime like Dragon Balls (also Satanic), Sailor Moon, Hentai Fruits Basket, Naruto, Inuyasha (sex demon in American) and even Card Capturers. These are all demonic.

    Parents, you must remain vigilent in keeping anything that looks Japanese out of your home. It is always nasty and a veiled danger.

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