• Barbaric: Muslim Court Allows Wife Beating

    October 25, 2010 12:15 am 27 comments
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  • The Federal Supreme Court of the United Arab Emirates today ruled that it is legal for their Muslim Arab men to beat their wives and children.

    This barbaric ruling has the Christian community and other human rights activists up in arms.

    The case that brought this attention to the UAE high court involved an Arab man who senselessly beat his wife and their 23-year-old daughter during a fit of unwarranted anger.

    The man beat his wife so severely, she was left with marks. The 23-year-old daughter suffered broken teeth and a busted lip. It remains unconfirmed if the Muslim father in this horrifying case threw stones at his wife and daughter in his punishment.

    Apparently in the UAE, however, this type of behavior is acceptable. A case like this went to their version of the Supreme Court.

    The ruling judge in this case, Judge Falah as Hajer, ruled that since the daughter was 23-years-old and the father had no causal impetus for the beating, that he had violated his legal Sharia Law hadith (right) to abuse his wife and daughter for causing him anger.

    Precedent was established by this case, which reconfirms the rights all Muslims have by law to grievously punish and abuse their wives and children under 21-years-of age.

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