• Bed Intruder Antoine Dodson Performs on BET Awards

    October 13, 2010 9:32 am 5 comments
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  • Many of you may not be familiar with Antoine Dodson. Like many other youths in America, Antoine was born and raised in an inner-city area of America.

    Within these areas, oft times major crimes go unpunished. Cops are lazy and complacent, no advocating for victims of crimes who happen to live in our nation’s ‘project ghettos’.

    Suh was the reality in day-to-day life for Antoine Dodson and his family.

    On one fateful night, months ago, a rapist broke into Dodson’s home. Antoine awoke to the sounds of his sister screaming and trying to break-away from her would be rapist, who had already stripped and sneaked into bed with her.

    Without hesitation, Dodson tore to his sister’s room and fought off the attacker. The attacker fled, leaving behind evidence of clothing and fingerprints. Dodson called the police, but not much fuss was made over this tragic experience.

    So Dodson called his local television news station for an interview.

    In the interview, Dodson’s emotions were raw as he used his on air time to unleash a brother’s rage toward the would-be-rapist. The frustration of his life’s situation was apparent and the interview was an instant internet viral hit.

    Two brothers, known as the Gregory Brothers of auto-tune fame, auto-tuned the news of Dodson’s experience. This song quickly became the top-seller on iTunes. It is known as the “Bed Intruder Song”. The song has generated so much revenue that it has allowed Dodson to purchase a home for his mother and siblings, out of the projects.

    The situation was tragic but the story is neat. Here is a very quick version of the song, performed at the BET Music Awards. This version is chopped for time and awkward, so go to iTunes or YouTube and search for “Bed Intruder Song” to see the real version. It is pretty catchy.

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