• Beware Coachella California, Satan’s New Breeding Ground (Coachella.com)

    October 28, 2010 9:27 am 5 comments
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    There is a new place in America where Satan is setting up his bulkhead. Already, Obama’s democrats are meeting there and planning to make it their base of operations and they even had a concert where fornication and abortion were seen out in public.

    While this idea makes Obama smile with warmth, make no mistake it puts a frown on the face of God.

    Just look at how these heathens talk about the tent sex game, where they leave their tents open and no clothes on and then random fornication with whoever you want. Very sick.

    What is even worse is that Coachella is also home to illegal Mexicans and the people there do no report it as ordered by President Reagan.

    They are creating this site to become the new Las Vegas and Hollywood combined.

    Whore city. Coachella is a new threat and your trick is exposed, Obama.

    The last thing America needs is a ‘president’ trying to claim a city for himself.

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