• Cheating Chilean Miner Gets $100,000 For Adultery Movie

    October 20, 2010 8:21 pm 5 comments
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  • Our esteemed colleague Tyson Bowers III already broke the big news: the Chilean mine ‘disaster’ was all staged.

    We are finding our this was all a third-world scheme to make Americans sympathetic, so the ‘victims’ could sign lucrative movie deals about their ‘tragic mine days’ where they somehow did not grow unkempt beards and did not become gaunt after 60 days.

    Hispanics are naturally dramatic, so it comes as no surprise that they were able to create enough racous and crocodile tears that many people did not see past their shoddy acting.

    The latest deal someone is getting from this mine nonsense is a Chilean man who had an affair on his wife while he was ‘trapped’. He’s now telling his story and a US internet company and magazine, infidelity.com, is offering this cheater $100,000 for his story.

    $100,000. Many Americans do not even make this much money in one year, so bravo to Sancho Wetback here for finding a new way to scheme our country.

    It really is a double insult. First, this guy joined with the Chilean government to scheme our country. Now, he’s celebrating infidelity with a $100,000 check that he will go spend on tequila and cheap Mexican coke whore lines like his people tend to do. That money will recirculate in the Chilean drug scene and only serve to power their black market economy.

    These miners make me sick and really, we should demand Chile just pays as all the money back and plus damages for wasting our time and trying to tell international lies.

    Here’s video coverage of this story. Completely pathetic:

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