• Chinese Taiwan Reporter Silenced By Mosquito Live On Air for Anti-America Lies

    October 19, 2010 5:43 am 7 comments
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    Taiwan, China The Chinese media continues to spin webs of deceit and obstruction of justice. They net the minds of their people in their spring traps, snaring their poor people in the poisonous silks of unrepentant communism.

    The Chinese News Agency is notorious for twisting facts of a story and always making China look innocent and come out on top. They all bow before the throne of Mao and Stalin propaganda technique, with no free press to combat their lies.

    Today we see China punished or their wicked ways. A mosquito was sent to let the Chinese know that their reporters will be silenced by divine acts should they continue to blaspheme against their superior world leader, America.

    America saved China during World War 2. America created the UN, then even let China ‘sit’ on the security council as if we really need China’s help with anything at all, let alone their permission.

    Look at how Chinese reporters pay for their lies and sin. Be warned, China. God can actually tell you all apart, and will have a punishment ready to serve up to each one of you for your wickedness. Repent, before it is too late.

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