• Dozens Fall Ill At Obama Rally

    October 7, 2010 8:49 pm 10 comments
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  • Barack Hussein’s last name is Obama and that should be proof enough why today’s headline exists.

    The end of days are nigh. The Bible warned: “He’s coming like a thief in the night, children get your hearts right or it is up to God.”

    The Bible warns that in the end of days, false prophets (el-Jabazz Imams such as Obama) will rise and those who support them will fall ill with cursed plagues.

    Behold and witness the fulfilling of God’s prophecy:

    About three dozen people have been treated for illness during a rally featuring President Obama at Bowie State University.
    Prince George’s County Fire and EMS spokesman Mark Brady tells WTOP numerous ambulances have been sent to the rally after people started fainting and became dizzy.

    Brady says crowds at the rally were outside and packed shoulder to shoulder.

    Source: God Strikes Ill 3 Dozen at Obama Rally

    36 people struck down with plague. If only they had read their Bibles and their Constitution, they would have known supporting a terror loving lunatic whose is not American is the highest crime of all.

    Obama is a Muslim. Muslims cannot be American because they wish jihad upon the very American morals of values and decency.

    How can a ‘man’ who supports abortion, supports terrorists having nuclear arms with which to bring destruction to God’s people, supports the downfall of Wall Street and then gives away our right to oil and bringing freedom to oppressed nations call himself American.

    Obama is a plague monger and mark my words, those who vote for him in 2012 shall die horrible deaths and awake in a mound of hellfire!~ It is written as prophecy in the Bible! Do not vote for the harbringer of the antichrist,America.

    God is watching.

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