• Gays Create Penis Controller To Electronically Roger Children, Create Generation of New “eGays”

    October 16, 2010 9:37 pm 19 comments
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  • For every one gay, four children will get snatched and augered. I’ve warned you parents time and time again, beware the prowling gay menace.

    The gays are a mean, perverted lot who want everyone to think they are normal. They claim they like only rogering each other, but just like the nasty predatory monsters they are they love little prey. What prey is tinier than your innocent children!

    Gays tend to be sassy and crafty, making them twice as dangerous! They sit around in their little easy secretary and nursing jobs thinking of new ways to subdue children and then have their way roasting their rump with sin!

    So it should come as no surprise that we see gays have found yet another way to molestar our children. We’ve seen them create the gay wolverine blow up doll to drugged torpedo missile toys.

    We’ve seen them even use comic books and gay ice creams to entice children to take a lick their cones of fecal iniquity!

    Gays are moving onto the online world. They have created a site called Reddit.com where they share their online agenda and plans to force society to accept them as normal.

    They are creating a new type of gay called “eGay”. It is where they use the veil of a computer to convince kids they can do secret gay things online, then act normal out in public.

    This is a double danger, because gays are making objects that can connect to computer USB and electronically twiiddle rompus in the toilet chute.

    You must take heed to my warning if you do not want your child to be raped! Gays have no issue with it and to them it’s a fun game! Your child is their prize! Here is what is happening and if you don’t want your child dead, listen!


    The gays have created a new ‘online’ technology called the penis controller. Months ago, we exposed a prototype version of this tool and reported on how several children on Myspace where found victimized by secret strangers.

    They were sending this tool to their prey, electronically dillying college children and even two men reported their wives.

    Now we see the sophistication of this technology has grown.WARNING: This video contains graphic media content and shows a new technology gays are employing in their agenda to make children sympathetic to their cause by molesting them. This electronic item is easily available to children on the playground, online and on computer cd disks.


    1. Check to see if your child has a Myspace or Facebook. If they have history of this on their computer, write in the CONTACT US link to Myspace or Facebook. Here is the letter you send them:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    A gay is stalking my (son, daughter, wife) on Myspace/Facebook. They are trying to molest my child and you must immediately remove their profile. Authoinvestigating this person and my child’s account must be immediately deactivated.

    In Earnest Regard,
    Your Name

    2. Make your child sit down with your priest or pastor, followed up by weeks of Christian counseling. It may take them a while to confess they added an unknown person as a friend on Twitters, Myspace or Facebook, but eventually they will crack their attitude and tell you they did.

    If so, there is a 25% chance they have been molested (1 gay gets every four children).

    3. Monitor them. If they are in college, they may need to be removed for one semester. If a child, you will need to counsel them and watch things like their eating habits, clothing choices and sharp objects around them. They will hate themselves and could develop trauma that leads to gay habits in the first place.

    Gays are making it easy for themselves to get our children. We need to protect them at any costs. Warn your friends about this and we will keep you monitored on our efforts to block this ‘technology’ from all internet computers.

    I hope these gays understand that not even the coldest ice cream can bring you relief in hell! All shall burn forever and the only flavor Satan serves his cones is

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