• German World of Warcraft Schamane Guild Mystics To Blame For European Crop Famine

    October 14, 2010 4:04 pm 14 comments
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  • Germany has been struck with famine.

    Bewildered agriculture scientists and farmers alike do not know what has gone wrong. The people of Germany stand confused, not knowing if the price of grains will now skyrocket so high that they cannot make their little dumpling cakes and kraut bread.

    Some religious leaders in Germany have questioned if this development is punishment for Berlin’s new “Hilter Musuem”, which has had residents and curators alike nervous for months. Is God punishing Germany for building an educational shrine in honor of a man who is in league with King Pharoah?

    Let’s not forget Pharoah was cursed with plagues of locusts and rivers of poisonous blood, then his army was drowned in the Red Sea. God simply used America to destroy the army of Hitler.

    These events are already passed, however and Germans do a decent job of atoning for the sins of their anti-American forefathers. What they aren’t doing, however, is keeping the world safe from a threat even greater than the Nazi regime: World of Warcraft.

    WoW is a dangerous game that is marketed to children. It serves as the background gaming piece for a global community of people who revel in exchanging nude pictures with your sons and daughters in the most secret, darkest hours of quiet night. They entice meet-ups where they have diseased orgies right in your hometown and then abductions occur from there.

    If these facts were not scary enough, WoW has a ‘mystic’ element and unfortunately, Germany is the heart of the Satanic blood rituals that power the mysic guilds of World of Warcraft.

    German people are heavily influenced by the occult. In ancient times, Germany was the seat of the Holy Roman Empire. As such, many people of cult religions sought to challenge authority with bizarre Satanic rights and rituals, many of which you still see present in leather clad Germans who glint and dance under the moonlit ruins of a Heidelburg castle.

    They have emblems and they are cultish and sexual in nature.

    Their ‘shamane” (shaman) class is responsible for recruiting impressionable people from the internet and beyond. They teach bizarre rituals then invite your sons and daughters to have ‘guild play’ with them and to ‘dance around their totems’.

    This is innuendo and you can infer what they mean by this.

    Then, they play with Oijui boards and for those who don’t know, that word takes origin in an ancient Germanic tongue and literally means ‘corrupt the innocent’. The first person to bring this term to the modern vernacular: Adolf Hitler.

    It all comes full circle and Nazis are just as dangerous to humanity as World of Warcraft. These schamane guilds are the newest discovered threat from Germany and we will continue to expose them.

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