• Harry Potter Wears Woman’s Bra in New Movie

    October 21, 2010 1:52 pm 28 comments
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  • A new Harry Potter movie is coming out on November 19. While the movie series has always displayed a latent homosexual agenda, the new and final movie of this series fully comes out with its gay agenda. Your children are in danger.

    Harry Potter already pushed the idealogy of homosexual encounters with a magician named Dumbledore, modeled after another gay agenda (g.a.) wizard Gandolf the Gay in the equally dangerous Lord of the Rings movies.

    This wizard archetype was to get boys to accept a gay lifestyle by the submission tactic of authority. Those in authority exert influence because people are subservient to them. In the classroom, teachers have authority because our children are taught to submit to their widsom and requests.

    Harry Potter exploited this fact with Dumbledore, making him a ‘teacher’ then revealing he is a gay. This tactic makes kids think it is normal when they have to stay inside to ‘dust chalk’ while their friends are at recess, or ‘loosen up in the boiler room for detention’ after school. Both a gay teacher’s seduction techniques for a seque into removing chalky and steamed clothing.

    The new Harry Potter clip reveals the truth of all this. Not satisfied with the previous movies and all the gay encounters it has forced children into through deception, J.K. Rowling has now written his script and has Harry Potter wearing a bra and having a gay orgy with his classmates.

    This scene is in the following clip. Demand your wife and children leave the room before reviewing this clip, also, forbid your family from seeing this movie.

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