• Hollywood Producer Tyler Perry Relives Horrifying Molestation on Oprah Winfrey

    October 21, 2010 12:29 pm 4 comments
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  • [picappgallerysingle id=”8322399″ width=”220px” height=”300px” align=”right”] Your child’s friend’s mother who lives next door; the jogging stranger who always gives the family a friendly wave; the cheerful and energetic nurse at your local hospital: all may seem like normal people in your day to day life, but after the story of one famed Hollywood producer, we’ll see these individuals can be the source of a lifetime and misery for your precious child.

    Tyler Perry, the Hollywood producer who made hit movies like “Why Should I Get Married” and “Madea”, was molested when he was only ten years old.

    This traumatic experience left Perry unable to function for much of his life.
    The first time Perry was molested, he was simply visiting his friend’s house for an evening of playtime. The friend’s mother was also home and had her sights on Tyler.

    Perry remembered, “‘I hear arguing from the living room, she comes in… We were in the bedroom. She throws him in the bathroom and says, ‘You need to take a bath and go to bed,’ and she tells me to go home, and I go to the door to try and unlock the door… and I couldn’t unlock it. She lays on the sofa and spreads her legs – I didn’t know she was wearing lingerie at the time – and I said, ‘I have to go home…’ And she lights a cigarette and she takes the key… and I come over to get it and she puts it inside of herself (vagina) and she tells me to get it, so I get the key but I feel my body betraying me…because I felt an erection. She pulled me on top of her and I was inside of her, so my first sexual experience with a woman…that was it.”

    A child’s body is naturally traumatized by such an experience. Tween to teenage boys are nowhere near psychologically prepared to deal with the sensation of being inside a woman’s sensitive area.

    Tyler’s life experience is typical of a boy who has been attacked. Look at his first true experience in adulthood:

    “I was so awkward…I didn’t know there were these triggers…I was with this woman and we were about to get into it (have sex) and she locks the door – click, click, click – I wasn’t able to make the connection, so she’s wondering what is wrong with me; I’m wondering what is wrong with me…I could not perform. I went from being stimulated and ready to go to not being able to perform.”

    Perry’s mind associated the door sound with the locked door, when he was a child. 2% of Americans are plagued with homosexual lifestyles, claiming they cannot function with members of the opposite gender.

    How many of these people simply have been sexually bothered as children by a predator? Far more than realize it. Look at this next recollection from Perry:

    “There is this next situation, where I’m with another woman that I really, really cared about…and she comes in the room, one day sex occurs, the next day lingerie…it’s, ‘What is this?’ And I never made the connection to this.”

    Again, even though he is fornicating outside marriage, we see that still there are ‘triggers’ that completely destroy his male urgency.

    The body’s temple is consecrated for love and respect to our Creator. God has made sexual relations to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage, where parents can give fully into one another and be blessed with child as a result of the act.

    Perry had his innocence stolen by a female predator, as we know goes unpunished far too often in our society. Billings’ “Is My Child’s Schoolteacher A Secret Sex Addict?” reveals the horrors boys in school face on a day to day basis; imagine what is going unreported on a global scale.

    Tylery Perry’s horror did not end with his friend’s mother. Silent and unable to run away from abuse, Perry was later molested by a gay neighbor and then a male nurse, giving the producer many demons to purge in his life.

    This story is a terrifying example of the reality that faces countless boys, our sons, nationwide. There is a culture of decadence that lets strangers lurk in th most dank shadows, shrouded not by darkness but the naivete of parents.

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