• Japanese Empire Creates Life-like Robots to Infiltrate America

    October 18, 2010 8:15 am 15 comments
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  • The Japanese are a dangerous people.

    Only 60 years ago, Japanese terrors rained disorder and chaos from the sky, as they used their new ‘kamikaze flying’ technology to drop nuclear bombs on our innocent college sons vacationing at Pearl Harbor.

    While America used our patented airplane technology to bring the world into a new era of peace and prosperity for all, Japan sought to impress none other than Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime in a bid to form an alliance and take over the world, creating a new dark age.

    By the grace of God and peaceful silence created by the detonation of our heaven sent weapons, we were able to quell the ravenous hunger of the Japanese for misery, blood and suffering of all innocent.

    But alas, my friends, alas. The Japanese threat only slept for a season, and now it emerges with a new-found hunger for death and destruction. Fear fills your heart. Japan rises again to destroy your life, no sear the flesh of your son and rip apart the innocence of your daughters.

    Japan has done the unthinkable and created the world’s first real-looking robot with true artificial intelligence. The robots’s IQ is 120.

    Pastor Jack Gould for years now has warned us of the secret, biding menace of the Japanese Empire. They never have fully surrendered as ordered during World War 2. Much like a crossed Arab, the Japanese will hold a generational grudge for millinia if necessary to exact their Asiatic need for revenge.

    Behold parents, friends and readers. Behold the horrors of the Japanese.

    My friends, the Japanese

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