• John Stewart And Friends Subdue College Boys with Gay hink it is fine to take gay pictures with each other and then post these pictures on Facebook, so then all of their network friends would think it is normal and they they would to the same thing, repeating the cycle.tot

    October 30, 2010 2:32 pm 14 comments
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    It is well known that there is a liberal agenda to corrupt our college children.

    The Democrats and their strategic think tanks conspire to find ways to convert our college children into their ways, so that when they leave college they will support things like homicide abortions, no killing murderes on death row and even worse, gay marriage.

    The big push right now by the liberals is to make gay actions a Civil Right, so just like the blacks and women it will be a part of America’s constitution that gays get shoulder chipped rights that no one else even has.

    Two popular television shows for college students is John Stewart’s Politically Incorrect, Stephen Colbert’s Night Show and Steven Carrel’s comedy show. These men are probably homosexual as you can tell by the semi-pornographic movie photos they took with each other.

    They did this so all of their college fans would think ‘Neato!’ and then upload pictures to their Facebook where they all are doing the same and taking homosexually gay pictures of themselves with their friends, and then their friends would see it and “like” it and then do the same, so the cycle repeats.

    This is nothing but another gay pyramid scheme.

    Hopefully these Jewish gays understand that there is no part in the Torah that says “Go and have shayget shvantzes mitzah under the golden Egyptian calf and then do backside golden snake rituals!”

    I wish I were Moses and armed with a hundred stone tablets, beceause I would not stop throwing them until these three shmucks begged for mercy and repented of their gay liberal agenda.

    Parents, deny these homomongers the chance to sneak into your child’s bed after a confused night of late night study and comedy news. They are trying to turn college children into sleepy hour gays, where all sorts of lude things are possible in the quiet secret of the night. Warning: These picture media items contain a gay agenda designed to corrupt college children. Demand any wife/kid immediately leave the room before reviewing.

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