• Justin Bieber Arrested For Punching 12-Year-Old Child In Face at Laser Tag Center

    October 17, 2010 10:00 pm 21 comments
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  • Justin Bieber is a black rogue thug. I warned you all, that Justin Bieber now considers himself a part of the dangerous Los Angeles Crisps.

    There is nothing they love more than to devilwhore our suburban daughters than beating our suburban sons with black pistols and black fists. Justin Bieber hangs out with dangerous street thugs Ludicrous and Snoopy Dogg, so call it a miracle his assault victim did not get shot in the face.

    Look at this and say you were not warned, parents!

    This image has been labeled for your convenience:

    Then taking his black mug shot:

    Parents, gang rap leads to dark places. Justin Bieber used to be a Christian and then a rapper found a video of him singing a song. The rapper thought: ‘hmm, this boy look pure yo homeboy. I say we get this jive turkey to attract us some fine wine white innocents from suburb and trick their parents to think he is innocent homeboy. We will dally them up and down and again and again..

    Black magic!

    Parents, Bieber is a dangerous boy. We must get him out of your home. He is now assaulting people and his next step will be to get your daughter to go backstage after his concernt, ply her with addictive marijuana vapors and then baster her with Satan’s stuffing.

    Protect your children. Remember, Bieber did this to an innocent boy and your child is next! Next!

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