• Justin Bieber Is Now A Hipster

    October 14, 2010 2:48 pm 8 comments
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  • Justin Bieber Hipster

    Justin Bieber Hipster

    There is a new movement in America called “Hipster Living”. Instead of going to college, males and females in the 18 – 28 year old cohort are modeling their lives after the destitute homeless people in this nation.

    Living off the mercies of their parents and the opened wallets of sex-seeking 3.a.m strangers in the murkiest back alleys of your home town, hipsters have a distinguishable look and a pointedly offensive aroma, much like curdled coffee milk.

    It could be due to their love for giving blowjobs for a Starbucks latte. Your child will run into numerous hipsters at Starbucks and they are a desperate lot. How much money does your hormone engourged son and experimental daughter carry around with them when they go to ‘grab coffee’ with friends?

    You don’t know the anser to that so do not be surprised when you discover that a boy named Justin Bieber actively participates in this sodomite lifestyle.

    Though he’s already wealthy beyond even small world nation’s now, new reports show this ‘teen idol’ was recently found giving a secret ‘hipster’ concert in Japan. Though it’s difficult to tell Japanese male and females apart, let alone their age, the crowd was purportedly filled with the most deplorable acts: hipster women cheering to Bieber as they let gangs of Japanese students ‘stuff’ them for 20 Yen, public urinals filled with the scents of backside fornication and the most urban of drugs and then all the other horrible things you would only expect from Japan.

    Justin Bieber is a bad boy. He travels in tough gang circles with the likes of rapper Ludicrous and only a few weeks ago, we saw him wearing the colors of notorious LA street gang “The Crisps” and throwing up their gang hand symbols.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, we then saw him only a week ago fondling a male switcher in the book of his private car. These pictures were published where his young fans could see and now they are probably playing copy-cat with the local diseased hooker lot who sneaks around the high school football games, school paths and young employer venus in your town. Your children are impressionable, weak and not safe.

    Justin Bieber was already bad enough after being influenced by the gang music culture. Now, however, the Japanee have their hands in him and we’ve seen time and time again, they are a moral deprived culture of iniquity: kamikaze hatred, secret attacks, exploited women and children and no game-show decency.

    Bieber is on a dark road. Do not let your children hop in his cart to oblivion.

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