• Justin Bieber Mouth Sucks Transgender Mangirl In Back of Car?

    October 2, 2010 5:25 pm 14 comments
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  • Straight to the evidence. The facts is clear: urban street acts.

    Things start off plain enough.  Justin Bieber enjoys a ride in his drug-bought car from team rapper Ludicruos.  These lowlifes can buy these things because they exploit the hearts of our children and make them buy cds due to innuendo songs that leave them sexually confused.

    Bieber tries to play innocent and you parents are falling for it.  Let us see why you should always heed my warnings.

    What do we have here? A secret head emerges from the pant zip region of Bieber. It looks like Justin’s Bieber is out for a sin ride. Sick brainwashed fans and parents trying to avoid guilt will try to say this is not Bieber, so how about a close-up of the matter!

    Whamo! It looks like the chin of a man. Is Bieber mouth kissing a mangirl? Could it be the very boy you let your daughters listen to alone and watch on MTV is a typical thug gay? Is Ludicrous teaching this boy to do ludicrous things? Let us see what the evidence reveals.

    Where is the head of Bieber? Down below!

    I have exposed these images pure, with grit. These images are raw. The expose is here and I gave no warning! The shock value has you freeling right now, trying to get that Bieber out of your children before a gay homowood holly has himself in your children!

    Get Bieber out of your homes. Exposed with a potential headbob on a corner harlot. Where is his head in that last picture? Why you think about the obvious answer, also ask yourself where was your child all last week. Bieber may be inspiring them to do the same!

    You are confused as to what’s happening and you know is your child must be safe!

    Quickly, run to their room and tear throw their cds and tapes. Pull open their tape player deck and see if Bieber is in there. Check under their bed for dankness and then Bieber magazine covers. Take their mobile phone lines and check the text images to ensure this boy is not there.
    Justin Bieber and his rapping friends are dangerous. Ban him now, parents, or your child will become a STD death statistic.

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