• Justin Bieber Rapping as Shawty Mane, Speaking in Tongues Video Rap Diss Tom Brady

    October 15, 2010 10:12 pm 17 comments
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  • Justin Bieber is becoming more of a black thug every single day. We have already seen Justin Bieber throwing gang signs at the MTV awards, molesting a suburban girl in the back of his limo and then if that were not enough, wearing baggy black’s “fashion” clothing.

    [어셔] 어셔(USHER), 그리고 저스틴 비버(Justin Bieber)This boy is friends with rough crowds, running with the notorius Los Angeles Crisps street gang and even convicted drug rapper Ludicrous, pictured at right.

    Today Bieber completed one of his last rites of gang initiation by releasing what’s called a “Diss” song. These songs often target individuals and make fun of them, all with the purpose of starting a fight solved with gang violence.

    The earliest recorded example of this phenomena involved street gang rapper Tupac Shakur (Muslim name) and Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. Tupac made fun of Christopher by having a typical black male affair with his wife and then writing a public rap song about it.

    Christopher retaliated with making fun of Tupac by shooting him in the stomach as he left a Las Vegas hotel. Of course, Tupac’s black friends retaliated by flying to the East Coast to shoot Christopher with their illegal gun bullets.

    All ended up dead and black youths were taught such warfare was ‘cool’ and ‘hip’. There is nothing funny about gun violence and that is why urban people do not need guns; they think it is a game and not a sacred right for serious, hardworking Americans who want to protect our country from Obama liberals.

    Bieber ties into all of this cycle now and has released a new video called Speaking in Tongues, a reference to the voodoo rituals present at black Baptist “Pentecostal’ holy-roller churches, where charasmatic blacks in flashy suits do back flips and barrel rolls while saying ‘gabba gabba gabba’ and slapping people, claiming it is God.

    It is not but rather just a black ploy to get more money for Afro strip bar hookers and the local jive pool hall and crack dice alley.

    Bieber is targetting all-American Patriot and NFL quarterback, Tom Brady. Bieber thinks he is in the big leagues now that he travels with his rough gang circle, so let us keep our children out of his path lest they get shot in the face until they die like what happens to at least 4 out of ten urban black youths like their new idol 50 Cent.

    WARNING: Justin Bieber is a pre-member of scary street gang Los Angeles Crisps and they seek to recruit more suburban boys to sell their drugs at school, and pure suburban girls in private school skirts to bend over for their dark bedroom desires. Protect the innocence of your children and wife. Order your wife/children to leave the room before reviewing this video for your local parenting council.

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