• Katy Perry Exposes Elmo Breastes Shirt on SNL NBC

    October 2, 2010 3:54 pm 7 comments
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  • Saturday Night Live (SNL) is a very unfunny late night program where B-list actors try to cling to the namesake and glory of those from prior generations. The show is boring and induces a yawn factor.

    So it is no surprise that hack lesbian singers get invited on there to whinge and spread their lesbian legs agenda. You all remember last week, when I was leaked the Sesame Street Katy Perry kink sex tape.

    On the tape she exposed her milks to the delighted faces of Grover and The Count, when she was really doing a reverse psychological play and hopeing to convert more young girls into lesbians.

    I immediately called PBS and demanded they not air the show, for I knew what would happen. Proto lesbian acts in preschools: holding hands, tossling hair and even sharing gums under the gymnals. PBS was coy and said they knew of such things and their broadcast is not dictated by threats.

    Well I made the biggest threat! Boycott and protest! We armed ourselves with prayer and then demanded PBS read our annointed petition to have no Katy Perry suckles shafts entice girls to dring the sugared milks of lesbian. I thank each and every one of you nearly 4,200 people who joined in getting this filth out of our homes!

    I refuse to let PBS ever air in my home. It is liberal mindwashing nonsese, so you should do the same. Still whatever we can do to keep other people from watching this is good for America and for the glory of God. Could you believe these people would let an enterprising opportunistic lesbian sing a flesh sin song to our children? To try to teach them to play like the nasty pie?

    When she found out about the protest, Perry was livid. She curses upon the name of morality. Being a typical immature lesbian with daddy issues, she resorted to running to the liberals at NBC to vent her frustrations. This little skit was apparently to mock us and try to offend us by wearing an “Elmo” breastes shirt on national tv.

    Look at the shirt and see how Elmo’s eyes google with the very chest sins Perry wanted to expose to our preschool children on Sesame Street. She wanted them to play busoms tea time, where their eyes are drawn to the milk saucers and dot buttons. I am sickened by all of this parents and make sure to remove all instances of this hellspawn Babylonian from your homes. The is pure lesbian.


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