• Katy Perry Exposes Her “Talent” In The German Market

    October 6, 2010 10:37 am 6 comments
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  • [picappgallerysingle id=”9901288″][picappgallerysingle id=”9901291″]Many female celebrities of today’s time are bona-fide sluts. Instead of ‘wowing’ crowds with impressive vocal abilities and stage performance,they resort to the lowest common denominator of sexualized marketing.

    With this basic fact in mind, it wasn’t too shocking that Katy Perry — the ‘singer’ who is world renown due to two packets of tissue that adorn her thoracic cavity — recently traveled to Germany in a publicity drumming campaign for her new album.

    Excited German crowds,filled with married men and impressionable children cheered as Katy Perry waltzed onto stage, with an ample Swiss bar wench’s blouse that would even fit too tightly upon the flatest of Asian chests.

    Katy Perry really takes this entire singing harlot routine to all new levels. It takes a special type of perversion to try to go on Sesame Street, of all shows, and wear an Elmo-breast shirt.

    It would be one thing if it was to promote Breast Cancer Awareness month, but Perry’s goal is to make everyone unaware of how she looks like a twinkie-binged Adam Lambert who may or may not have become lost in Prince Poppycock’s wig collection.

    I’m sure that all three are off somewhere,sipping on martinis and delighting in how they’re using an agenda-laden approach to distract from their lack of true,raw talent.

    The following images show Perry’s global campaign to reap a new harvest of fans. For some reason, she is targetting comic and children shows. The latest images from Perry come from German show Wetten Dass. That name literally translates to “Bet It”.

    You can bet that Perry will burn for this. It is one thing to corrupt the willing, but she and German Hugh Heffner seen below in the black suit, are drinking beer on stage and corrupting children with Perry’s pernicious mammalian ludicrosities. Simply sick and I pray for Germany’s children,as if these poor wretches don’t already have enough for which to atone.

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