• Katy Perry Sham Wedding Pictures, Russel Brand Helps with Lesbian Coverup

    October 24, 2010 8:13 pm 5 comments
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  • Katy Perry is a dangerous lesbian singer who only week ago, infuriated a nation after she tried to expose her bared chest on children’s television show Sesame Street.

    After the incident, we joined with many other action groups to protest Perry and demand her corporate sponsors respond in kind. That, they did.

    Now, Perry is apologetic because she is losing more and more sponsorship each and every day. She is trying to convince parents and sponsors that she does not have a lesbian agenda to abduct and corrupt children’s television programming.

    Katy Perry Lesbian Wedding Pictures in India

    Katy Perry Running

    Too bad the truth always comes out, for Satan and Perry. Look at the exposed thighs. This is Katy Perry running during her “wedding”, which took place in hindu India.

    A bride should be regal and proud. Her thigh should only be exposed once her groom loosens it in the honeymoon sweet, yet, we see Perry running like a tribal pagan and exposing her body for all to see. This should be a day of revealing for only the groom, but too bad half of Hollywood harlots have already expose themselves in sinful ways to half the world.

    This is a woman who tried to expose her lesbian milksugar treats to children on Sesame Street, then went on boring Saturday Night Live to do a skit to complain about it when we got her little episode banned.

    Now there will be some libearls and her fans out there who try to say we’re being petty and that I am personally vilifying Perry here, because she made a song about how it’s a great experience to kiss girls when young women should find that repulsive.

    That’s not the issue here. The issue is that India is no place to have a wedding. People there bathe in filthy rivers and they even still have leprosy and Beubonic plague around every corner. They have child labor and discriminate people based on caste.

    Now, with all that, here comes Katy Perry to have an Indian wedding. We are supposed to believe this? That she goes from having the most popular Lesbian anthem to being a normal, celibate woman who wants a family and husband.

    Speaking of husband, Russell Brand. Let’s see what he looked like on wedding day:

    The crack fumes of Satan fuel the psychotic look in his eyes. Does he even know he’s in New Delhi?

    That is not the face of a normal bride and groom. We must also remember that India is the home of Bollywood, which is an even more perverse form of Hollywood where the Indian stars do all sorts of raunchy things that not even the deepest blankts of curry can cover. It’s repulsive and whatever we do in America, Indians do it 100% nastier but with shoddy cameras and even more attention-yearnings actors and actresses.

    Friends, Perry and Russell are probably filming some sort of skin flick over in India and are just using the stills from it to make us think they are married, so we will stop boycotting them.

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