• Kim Kardashian No Clothes Coming to Children Magazine Near You

    October 13, 2010 8:41 am 3 comments
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  • Kim Kardashian No Clothes Deviled Whore

    Kim Kardashian No Clothes Deviled Whore

    When you are at the grocery store’s checkout counter, you and your children are surrounded by many things: candied chocolates, hand cleaners, death sticks, energy drinks and then one hidden danger: magazines.

    Magazines are patently horrible, oft time reveling in the most disgusting elements of culture. 9/10 secular magazines teach sex and are within eyeshot of your children.

    One such magazine is named “W” which may as well stand for “Whore”, for it has dirty Kim Kardashian featured and guess what? It is called Kim Kardashian No Clothes.

    A woman’s nakedness. Such does not have any business in the eyes of our children, yet this magazine will make it so!

    No warning! This is what will happen at fine Walmart and even high Targjay! All fine shopping turned into a black hooker whore cigarette store peep show! Winos and bed intruder crack sniff gang bangers might as well tuck your daughter in at night then take your son for a round of slap the hooker, because that is all this magazine shall teach them!

    Why are you still sitting there! This is reality and when your childrens come home from school and stop by the local general store, they will stop to buy some candies and trade their baseball cards and ate milk shake banana splits and then come straight home!

    The difference? It wont’ be pure fun and innocence. It will be hooker’s delight because this whore Kim Kardashain jew No Clothes W cover will teach our kids fornication. kk

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