• Let Us Now Protect This Nation From Her Most Demented Enemies

    October 17, 2010 4:45 am 51 comments
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  • In our darkest hours, the fate of the world has rested upon the ability of man to embrace divine truths that surpass simple reason. History has shown that in these small moments the decisions of the few will forever change the lives of the many. Some time ago, there was a small dinner where a humble prince named Jesus Christ broke bread with his Apostles. There was a day when the Queen of Spain sent a young Italian man named Columbus to seek out new Edens. Both set in motion miracles that define who we are today. Our Founding Fathers bravely put their names to a document declaring freedom from tyranny. Republican President Abraham Lincoln stamped out the indignity of African slavery. Even more recently, the Great Communicator Ronald Reagan spoke truths bold enough to tear down the walls of a corrupt ideology that threatened every nation on this great earth.

    Once again, black clouds are surrounding us. Can you smell the vicious, foul air? Yes, we are at a crossroads. This, right here and now, this is a crucial moment for the future of mankind. We have enemies and they seek to enslave us; they seek to crush us into nothing more than a putrid stain on the bottom of their black lace up boots. Boots that echo as they march onward from town to town, nation to nation! They have arrived at our home front in the name of perversion and hate, destruction and rape. It has been prophesied and that vision is coming to pass before our very eyes. Have you opened your door? Do you not see them standing before you? They aspire to a global godless dictatorship of vice, the complete perversion of human liberty, the total emasculation of our souls and even worse, the sodomy of the innocents, children born into nonstop orgies, dreaded creatures who pride in their own sour filth, effeminate libertines who lust for the foulest corners of our bodies, technologies that inflict dissolution on the molecules of our brains, every form of punishment and depravity far beyond our heartfelt imaginations. They sneak into our spirits through gentle smiles and the seemingly benign paraphernalia of modern life– from video games and television programs, to popular celebrities and internet chat rooms. They are beside you and me right now. Do you even know that they have already touched your husbands and wives? And now they’re crawling into bed with your children, slipping a wayward knee between those soft, young legs.

    god httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Na4tISrcNU

    President Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” How prescient those words are today in this new millennium as we face the most grotesque manifestations of radical liberalism the world has ever known. Vain Obama, the self-righteous emperor always hiding behind his army of muscled thugs, stands there in the house of the people, the house where a long line of auspicious leaders has guided this nation to greatness, Vain Obama stands there disemboweling this country with demonic precision. Marriage destroyed. The United States Military defeated. Discrimination against faith enshrined. Coffers emptied to pay for the diseases of those whose true sickness cannot be healed. Children indoctrinated into a cult of this dark leader’s dark personality. Diseased anal filth and other carnal gymnastics taught in public schools in the name of “health education.” The atheistic conspiracy of science “professors” spraying hatred on the faces of our youth with “global warming” mirages and the blasphemies of “evolution” theory. This is what our very friends and neighbors have wrought upon us by selecting a crude, urban chimera as president. Have you ever taken the time to speak to them about their eternal souls? Do you feel no shame for abandoning those who are now enlisting in the armies of darkness?

    We are not fools. We know who they are and what they are. We know where they hide. The lustrous stench of their evil has filled our nostrils. Their smell leads us to them. In their bathhouses and alleyways, swarmy ghettos of rape and gun play, concert halls of Mephistophelian acoustics and caves of crystal meth, the wood-paneled dens where sinewy bodies are traded for coins and kicks, dorm rooms where sodomy is refined into an art form, lecture halls where armbands of ideology are strapped onto young pumping muscles, political back rooms where prostitutes and greed grind into old men’s laps, even the licentious temples of false worship where veins are opened ghastly and wide on Satan’s altar. Yes, your fluids are everywhere you vile people. Whether it’s the sweat you work up in your rank armpits during sessions of corporeal violation or the scum that oozes from your profound genitalia as an enchantress slaps your face raw, your sin seeps out of every crevice of your body.


    There are breaks in these clouds, my friends. There are places of light that still exist in America today. The Tea Party movement has had a profound effect on the souls of the soon to be martyred. It has awakened us to the immense challenge we face. Renowned scientists like Professor Art Robinson, President of the Linus Pauling Institute, and Harold Lewis, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, have spoken out forcefully against the global warming conspiracy. Others like Christine O’Donnell of Delaware have taken a stand on personal intimacy issues. There are those like Governor Sarah Palin who are not afraid to wed faith with politics on a national scale. All stand tall in the tide of bigotry and discrimination currently drowning us. We still have the 2nd Amendment and it is the responsibility of every one who loves God and Country to exercise that freedom and to do it now. Be not afraid, be prepared!

    There is something ineffably intangible about the future we face. The United States has certainly been blessed by Divine Providence. The Christian foundation of this country and its laws are undeniable. Our subsequent rise to dominance and now moral primacy are unequivocal. The wondrous mix of Jesus’s love and a Puritan work ethic have carried us to this very day. Capitalism married to democracy has been one of the greatest gifts we have given our fellow man. We were simply meant to flourish. And with such triumph, we have also been given a responsibility to lead the world from its shadowy, primal jungles. Yes, Europe still ages in petty fiefdoms of depraved philosophies. Asia crowds evermore into havoc. Africa devolves daily into deeper desperations. The former Soviet states are still frozen in their inhumane failures while South America blisters in carnivals of lust. Our seas remain the liquid graves of centuries of aimless wanderers and our skies harbor the demented dreams of dope fiends and socialist libertines. Only the United States of America stands out as an island in all that death. We are the cradle of human civilization, the one democracy of moral decency courageous enough to persist. We are the seed meant to fertilize the planet with hope and love, to pollinate the people of the world with grace and faith. Are YOU doing enough?


    Let us now say this openly to our enemies: you will soon face the most tremendous foe ever unleashed upon this earth! You people are blind to our strength and our passion. For each of you, corruption has hollowed out your body and filled it with the rancid milk of failure and impotence. Yes, you have gulped down that frothy seed too many times to count, clamping your lips on the engorged sabers of Satan’s fancy; the remnants drip and coagulate on your heathen beards or artificially-sculpted chins. And in your racing hearts, racing onward to the beat of cocaine and marijuana frenzies, there is but blackness. We know. We watch you. We use the darkness that you dwell in against you, for we are there, hidden but true, watching everything you do just as our Lord God witnesses each disgusting horrific act that that you commit with your bodies, thrashed and pierced, thrown up against motel room walls, tied to posts in basements, secreted in copses of thorns where teen flesh is forced open amid tears and moans, or else spied through bedroom windows where a frantic hand has a “rendez vous” with the dreamy glow of a laptop. Your tremendous sins are no mystery. And while you may know that we know what it is, we still continue to learn and grow beyond your capacities and despite how truly dangerous you have become with foreknowledge, there are many of us who hold dear small keys to the puzzle that we do not share with anyone but our Creator. Therefore, your petty victories are never complete. There is always more to us. More than you will ever begin to comprehend.

    Is it enough? Nothing may ever be enough. There are no guarantees and even though the Bible speaks of a victory, I cannot say I have faith for those of us who presently walk the earth. Maybe that day is a thousand years off. Maybe that day is tomorrow. The tribulations are certainly swelling. We have earthquakes and fires, vile dictators and sexual atrocities, tsunamis and hurricanes, Satanism guised as “New Age” religions and lust ripening in the heart of every precious child. The only solace we can find is in the love of The United States of America and the love of Jesus Christ our Redeemer. God bless and remember, be not afraid, be prepared!


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