• Mexicans Spreading Hand Foot and Mouth Disease to America, Flights Grounded

    October 3, 2010 3:56 pm 4 comments
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  • Sneaking Mexicans are a grave threat to our American children. The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have issued a warning for parents to beware any suspicious Mexicans or sick proper Americans in your town or locale. This warning is especially relevant for those who live in the American SouthWest.

    Trouble struck when a Frontier Airline flight landed in Denver. The plane was outbound from Puerto Villarta, a Mexican hub where third-world attrocities meet American tourtists. Personnel on the plane realized that several Mexican children had managed to sneak on board and infest proper children with a deadly disease known as Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

    With no surprise, this is another nasty illness of typical Mexican origin. Only a year ago, the world trembled with fear and panic as the Mexican Swine Pig Flu killed people by the thousands. Now, this new Mexican virus is spreading right on schedule, before cold and flu season.

    Hand Foot and Mouth Disease The disease takes origin when a compromised Mexican picks at his foot and then sells a food item, perhaps a tamale or flan bread to an innocent and unsuspecting American tourist, without washing his hands. Even if a Mexican washes their hands, it is the equivalent of bathing in cow manure for their nation does have very dirty water.

    Next, the tourist or tourist’s child may eat of the Mexican food, using their hands to bring the infected foodstuff to their mouths. Once inside the body, the Mexican pathogen is unleashed and free to reproduce and multiply, illegally infesting the body.

    Much like any dirty Mexican infestation, the threat must be immediately removed by any means or terrible things will happen. The disease spreads quicky, with an intrinsic r value of 4.25. It has a very short incubatino period of three days and a contagious period of two months. Any of your neighbors who have vacationed in Mexico or have been in contact with someone of Mexican ancestry is in great danger.

    Once it manifests within the body, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease slowly eats away the body tissue. On the surface, it is visible by the distinctive blistering and pussy corpuscles it leaves all over the body’s outer integument. As the body rots from the outside, from within the legions promote bacterial infection, leading the sufferer to die a painful, shivering death.

    Due to a high incidence of putting hand objects in their mouth, children are most at risk of falling to Mexican Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. This noble strand of pathogen is a threat to our youth and will remain so all winter.

    There is no cure for MHFMD. The best course of action are measures of prevention. Do not travel to Mexico. Tell your friends to do the same and warn them of the dangers of MHFMD.

    If you see a suspicious, unfamiliar Mexican in your town, call your local police at their help hotline. An illegal Mexican in your town, left unreported, could go and touch fruit and produce at your local grocer. The family dinner you prepare tonight could be the cause of their immediate suffering and death.

    Beware the threat of this new disease and do whatever necessary to protect your family.

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