• Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video In New Who Owns My Heart Video, Parents Outraged

    October 11, 2010 6:42 pm 17 comments
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    Miley Cyrus Does Pole Dancing At MTV Kid Choice Awards
    Miley Cyrus Makes Lap Dance Video

    I warned you all. I told you parents “shield your children from whoredemon celebrities. They will rope them in with sexual promises then leave them battered and confused in sin.”

    I warned you how your sons will be juggalos and your daughters satan seed deposits. Miley Cyrus is a dangerous child and this is the final revelation.

    Satan will plant his seed in your daughter’s secret place and it was revealed becuase she was trying to be gyrating Miley Cyrus. Girls look up to Hannah Montana and boys look up her to and sin!

    Once the seed is there, my friends, just like in the dark ghettos you will find your daughter grows a hell spawn. It is your fault you are now an underaged grandparent because you iddn’t listen to my warnings and block your child from Miley Cyrus.

    This video is called “Who Owns My Heart?” I can answer that one for Miley Cyrus. It is not morality and decency. Your children will burn with scents of sulfur chlamydias hell lava and herpes AIDS! They will die and burn and so will their children. This video has me angry and I am writing Billie Ray Cyrus a letter for him to belt his child or I will! This is outrage! Warning: The following video contains footage of Miley Cyrus rolling in bed with but a t-shirt and black panties. Then, she exposes herself in a lapdance performance. Demand your wife and children leave the home while you review this video for parenting councils.

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