• Moment A Missile Nearly Missed President Barack Obama’s Head

    October 11, 2010 10:14 am 26 comments
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    Jack Gould


    Launched from deep within a dark crowd, a projectile hurls toward the head of Barack Hussein Obama. This book missile narrowly misses its target and potentially saved America from losing yet another president.

    Why is it that certain people think it is okay to disrespect the highest office in the land?

    Only several years ago, President George W. Bush was shoe attacked in Iraq. Fortunately, God blessed President Bush with the agile reflexes of a golden marmoset and our president was able to deftly dodge not only one shoe, but two. The deadly Iraqi shoe hurler was properly tortured and thrown in prison for his high crimes.

    Now we see that rogue media and crowd standers are being trained as lethal assailants.  This is a very disturbing trend and is more proof of the resolve of our terrorist enemies.

    In Palestine, boys as young as 3 and 4 are taught to throw with the precision, speed and accuracy of a major league baseball pitcher.  These children grow into men with deadly arms, and regularly hurl stones at defenseless Israeli townships and their meager guards.

    These deadly Palestinians and other associated Arab terrorists are a menace to society.  They can blend in and out, posting as Muslim nationals in any democratic country, but hold a deadly secret in their hand at any random rally or book deal.  President Obama found this out the hard way.

    Obama is on a campaign path, using his presidential authority to sway unmotivated black crowds to get out to vote for democrats in 2010, then for himself in 2012.  He’s calling it the Moving America Forward campaign.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing progressive and forward-moving about political policy which empowers terrorists. Terrorists are a hateful people who want societies to be stagnant with fear and oppression. Such environments are condusive to theocratic goverments who embrace attrocities such as sharia law,which Muslims are secretly implementing within their strongholds in America.

    America is in a very desperate time. Today, trading opened with the US dollar tragically falling even further behind the Euro. Russian premier Vladmir Putin announced that Russia will start backing the Euro with stock, betraying the very dollar that saved the fallen Soviet Empire from third world status.

    China today announced its fiscal status, where in its reserves the nation has posted $2.5 trillion dollars, a stark contrast with the trillions of dollars of debt America is facing. Today, our government announced it will print out more money — much like war-ravaged Germany of last century — to stay afloat as our nation enters its death throes.

    Americans are very desperate right now. A self-respecting man who lost his job agreed to go streaking at Obama’s rally. The man was reportedly paid $1 million by an unknown source to do so. The man pictured agreed, as he had to do something to save his family’s home from foreclosure and his life from destitute failure that is ravaging the lives of so many fellow Americans.

    A sympathetic police officer protected the man’s decency before media, even though he had to be arrested the desparate act resonates within the hearts and minds of of every good, hard-working American.

    Terrorists hate our way of life. Before 9/11, America was a pure nation under the leadership of President George W. Bush. We were economically powerful, with billions of US dollars in reserves and securing the quality of life for all Americans.

    Then, tragedy. Much like the hidden terrorist who attacked Barack Obama with the book, veiled terrorists masquerading as Americans sneaked onto airplanes and using Japanese kamikaze techniques, murdered innocent Americans by flying projectiles into whatever objects possible.

    Our lives and our economy was staggered from the shock of these attacks. In addition to protecting the free world from terror, America still had to heal and repair a deep tear in its great city of New York. The task has proven cumbersome and our allies, ungratefully, have left us to suffer and taken advantage of our moment of weakness.

    To fully recover, America must reassert itself and become the economic powerhouse it was during the 1990s. We must become the cultural and political leader we were in the 80s, a time when every house in every nation followed the every move of Michael Jackson and President Ronald Reagan, respectively.

    We must stop toying with terrorists and scorch their enclaves with our full military might. We must crush any hope and dream they have of America accepting their acts of terror as a part of day-to-day life. We do not tolerate intimidation. We crush it and we will not tolerate any more economic bullying, terror militia bullying and attacking our presidents with projectile weapons.

    It is time for America to defend itself at any cost. It is time for us to once again assert ourselves as the world’s one true superpower.

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