• Obama is Possessed By A Demon (with pictures)

    October 19, 2010 4:37 am 20 comments
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  • It is very suspicious. On the week of elections, Obama reveals his demon eyes.

    We already have substantive proof that Obama is evolved from Egyptian bloodlines. In his blood, courses the very same blood of false RA and King Pharaoh, enemies of God and humanity.

    These Egyptian “god-kings” used various Satanic spells to give themselves powers. It is said they could make their eyes glow and spoke with deep voices. They held staff weapons that could shot lights brighter than the Sun itself.

    These ‘god-kings’ passed down their secret magic in Muslim mosque chants and in certain families, such as the Kenyan Obama dynasty.

    Look at these eyes and tell me you are not looking into the face of black Satan

    To think, we were foolish enough to believe Obama was the anti-Christ. This is even worse: he’s Satan or at least a demon himself.

    No American president has ever looked like this. It’s weird! It’s weird! And your heart races is panic.

    Never before has America looked into the eyes of her leaders as a possessed soul. Rush Limbaugh said it best: the US presidency has been compromised by Satan.

    Obama is angry because his plans to destroy America are falling apart. Republicans stand to gain 80 seats in Congressional races. America is saying no to hell and going back to the path God wants us on, as leader of the free world and One Nation Under God.

    Obama is trying to bring forth the Apocalypse. Obama has aided terrorists to be NUCLEAR WEAPONS wielders so they can destroy Israel.

    It is well known that God prophesied America is to be Israel’s greatest protector and ally. The Jewish people are God’s children and through the years, Obama and his familial predecesors (Nimrod,Amalek, Balaam, King Pharaoh, Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar, Antichus IV Epiphanes,King Jabazz II, Vespasian, Titus, Hitler, Mahmoud Mohammad, Jahaam Sarmini) have did their best to murder the Jewisish people. Altogether, these monsters have taken over 6 million Jewish lives!

    Now, Obama’s eyes flash with the mystic rages not known since the days of mythological Egypt.

    Obama is a veil wolf! He prowls and seeks those who may fall prey to his rabid lies and disgrace. Look at how Obama and Michelle try to act like the model couple in front of our nation’s flag.

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9958653″]

    This moment is more sour than an old lemon in geratric teeth swallow. It is not sweet. It is the same as watching and applauding Hitler standing before the United Nation, dancing a waltz with his frau. Obama is no better, for he believes it is okay to let Iran have nuclear weapons so they can finish Israel off and America does nothing about it, betraying God’s orders for our country to protect his fallen people and to serve him!

    Friends, look again at that picture of Obama from up above. Obama is revealing his hand as a Pharaoh.

    Anubis, Apophis, Cronos, Heru-ur, Ba’al.

    Study any of those names and you will know Obama. Today the Obama has revealed his true eyes. It is no coincidence that in Egyptian history, the eyes of RA is a fearful weapon of itimidation.

    Obama now employs fearmongering tactics so we will vote for him in 2012. Let us insure that we are not mummified by Obama’s attempt to strike fear into our heart.

    God has not given America aspirit of fear. In 2012, let us let Obama know this fact by voting him back to the Chicago druggie streets where he belongs.

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