• Obama Supporters Losing Hope

    October 9, 2010 6:55 am 3 comments
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    Finally, the Pepsi tainted sultan of terror Barack Hussein Obama is losing his hold on America.

    According to recent polls, only 42% of normal good people still like Obama. This number sharply contrasts with the 94% of African-Americans who still say they support Obama. We all know they do this because birds of a father and they like to play the race card so they can take jobs from more qualified people through Affirmative Action.

    President George W. Bush, so wrongfully bullied and villified by the heartless left wing media, all while Bush bravely lead our wounded nation in a War on Terror, now enjoys greater poll numbers than Obama. Studies are showing that America is ready for a return to morality and normalcy.

    Americans want to feel safe. We want a strong economy. We want the 1980s back and Obama is driving us into an eternal cold Russian succession.

    Let us stay away from the Obama.

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