• Rahm Emanuel and Barack Hussein Obama Have Secret Homosexual Trist

    October 2, 2010 7:20 am 3 comments
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  • Rahm Emanuel’s sudden departure from Barack Obama’s cabinet has shocked the Washington elite.  Why would Obama’s Chief of Staff leave the White House at such a crucial time?

    The move is not political.  It is reactionary and according to insider reports, is due to a homosexual relationship that developed between Barack Hussein Obama and Rahm Emanuel.  An insider leaked the following image to DrudgeReport.

    This was taken moments ago, where Obama’s hand purportedly lingered on Rahm’s backside and his other hand teased Emanuel’s hair.

    There was a long suspicion of Obama coercing Emanuel into inappropriate acts and Rahm’s sudden departure adds credence to such thoughts.

    Here, Obama massages the shoulders of Emanuel while his other hand slowly caresses Emanuel’s hidden right side. Look at the smug look on Obama’s face as he publically dominates Rahm for one finale time.

    Disgust followed this image, as Obama purportedly reached his head deep into Emanuel’s neck after turning hom around. He neck gobbled Emanuel up and down, until Rahm’s face was visibly flushed:

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