• Rest in Peace, Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver)

    October 19, 2010 9:59 pm 28 comments
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  • There was a time in America, where men were proper and women knew their place.

    Children did not clamor for attention in the classroom, for at home their fathers provided sturdy discipline and loving oversight. Mothers did not neglect their innate, natural duty to provide a safe and warm home for their husband’s children.

    Kitchens were no stranger to homecooked meals, the scent of dinner only interrupted by the floral smell of fresh linens mother spread out to protect the dining table from stray crumbs and frosted glasses.

    Contrast that today, where children are unruly. It is common for rapes and murders to happen in high school and even middle school courtyards; the root of the problem being broken homes where lazy fathers abandon their urban families, leaving their sons with anger issues and their daughters with psychological issues, their insecurities vacuously filled by the most pithy and dirty of a strange,opportunistic man’s carnal lust.

    Still, there is a root to this problem and it starts with the matriarch of the family, the mother.

    It takes a good woman to keep a man happy, so it stands to reason that so many homes are broken today with husbands who have gone astray. Women of the modern world are selfish, focused on themselves and how to get that next promotion, while they betray their marital and somatic vows to remain loyal to the needs of the husband and the whilms of the children.

    We see obese kids on playgrounds, struggling to throw dodgeballs from Cheetos-stained hands because they are raised on McDonald’s sandwiches and the empty parenting of modern sitcom television. Mothers are absentee, trying to balance out a ‘career’ with finding time to hang-out with her equally selfish and wandering female friends,living out the wild nighlife post-work hours until 7 pm or even 8 pm in the evening.

    Who is left at home to tuck the children into bed, with a story and perhaps a plate of warmed dessert pastries?

    It is a wonder today’s society can function, with these modern feminist women making even the coarse Susan B. Anthony look as warm and inviting as an ardent sunlight gently kissing one’s forehead in a crisp, fall meadow.

    Such tenderness is not the bonnet of today’s women; instead, today’s woman marks her conquest in terms of how many secret affairs she can brag about to her girlfriends, topped by what she did to the boss to ‘earn’ that next promotion. Women today are not loyal and will do whatever it takes to please their little social circles and clicks, aggravating and tearing apart their families and wrecking others in the process.

    There is one woman, however, who stands in contrast to all this. Her name, Barbara Billingsley.

    Billingsley will be eternally known as June Cleaver, the title mother of 1950s family show Leave it To Beaver.

    Every day, Billingsley set an example for the mothers of America. She would wake up every day, adorning her neck with a string of pearls and placing a nice apron over her dress, so the scents and stains of preparing breakfast would not sully her husband’s clothing as he took off for work.

    EVery meal was balanced and every shirt and towel folded, so her children started each and every day with healthy mind and healthy heart, all flowing with the satisfaction of a true mother’s love.

    Hugh Downs, colloquially known as Ward Cleaver, did an excellent job in showing the stability and comfort a good, proper American woman can have on her family when she fully gives herself to her duty and profession for life: a loving mother to her family.

    The 1950s were a good time for America. Children respected their elders and each other. Women were loyal and men were ever encouraged to eagerly go to work and come home, where he knew a warm supper would be sitting on his table and his children, full to the brim with the love of a proper, stable home, would share a love for him only second to that of Mom herself.

    June Cleaver, our dear Barbara Billingsley, passed away today. She was blessed with 94 years.

    And as sweet Barbara has indeed joined the heavenly hosts, I thank this woman who showed exactly how women should raise a family. She is the ideal mother and the ideal wife. Now, and forever, we will hold the lessons and sweet smile of Barbara Billingsley not only in our heart, but forever in our national concious and memories, passed on to each and every generation.

    The art of being a proper female is not lost; it is not forgotten. It has been forever captured in the essence of Barbara Billingsley, and in every episode of Leave it To Beaver.

    Let us take a look at a special episode, and relish in the sweetness of this woman who was a true gift from Heaven. Thank you, Barbara Billingsley. Your light will forever warm the heart of America.


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