• Rioting Flamboyance of Gays Injure 110 Cops in Belgrade

    October 10, 2010 9:32 pm Comments Off on Rioting Flamboyance of Gays Injure 110 Cops in Belgrade
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  • The gay rights movement is causing calamity worldwide, as tonight proved by the worst violence seen in Belgrade in over two years.

    Reuters News Agency reports utter chaos and warfare. People lay flailed on the street,exploited and bleeding. Children are alone in the streets, crying and without parents.

    Police cannot contain the outbreak of violence and a bevy of at least 3,000 gays are at the heart of the swarming terror.

    Traveling as a clutch, this group of gays is militant and has even targetted extreme groups such as the skinheads and other gangs in Belgrade. Not many are left safe.

    The horrifying scene, captured above, was taken by a photo journalist who stole away into the carcass of a burned out apartment, seeking refuge from the roaming enchantment of fluttering gays who wielded hand weapons, small firearms and in some reports, even hand grenades.

    Losses to life have not yet been calculated and the status of lone children in the region, who may have gone missing and snatched up by this mob, remains unconfirmed at time of report.

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