• Rock and Roll Guitar Fornicates A Women

    October 6, 2010 9:07 am 35 comments
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    WARNING:  The following image video media shows a Satan possessed guitar using its vibrating sounds to fornicate a normal woman. Immediately dictate your wife and children leave the room and lock the door before reviewing for your parenting council/group.

    Every week, each and every one of you know your child is exposed to Satanic music.  I cannot stress enough how this music is bringing the destruction of not only the American culture as a whole, but also your precious son and daughter.

    Satan loves a cheerful sinner, because it makes it easier for him to slip into their life and get them addicted to very dangerous habits.

    Satan’s main vice is sexual fornications and his second favorite music after black rap, which is rock and roll (rock n’ roll).  The music perverts standard church music progressions  by adding accidentals and diminished 7th bridges, then adds the rhythm of drums so women will gyrate to the beat of Satan’s pelvic thrusts.

    Women are already morally weak enough as it is, so by the time Satan adds guitar to a rock musical score the game is already over. He’s already won and his prize victory lap is getting women to do sick things on his searing sin lap.

    If your wife or daughter has attended a rock concert or gone over to friend’s house where the music is playing, guess what?  She’s probably cheated and fornicated on you because that’s how Satan works and why over 50% of marriages are divorced from guilt.

    Liberals will lie and say its not true.  They will say that MTV and Top 40 radio is not bad for especially women to listen to.  They will say it is okay for your daughter to go to the latest ‘rock glam’ concert with her boyfriends.  They will say it’s okay for your wife to have a ‘girl’s night out’ with her friends and a few of their guy friends without you around.

    If such is the case, then why does this following video exist!  Why is a woman being tempted to do gyrations on this guitars vibrating crescendos!  Flangers and Wow boxboxes, tremolos and high-toned capos!  Satan licks his chops when all of these are employed,because women are easy and also tricked by his rockabilly tones.

    Devil music.  People laught at me and try to say it is not true, but we see that all you have to do to get a women going is play some rock music and gyrate a phallic symbol guitar on her bed and she will do whatever Satan desires. Beware men and keep and yes on your wife and daughter, because this is the reality and the video proves it all.

    This is someone’s wife.  This is someone’s daughter.  Satan has them and it is because rock and roll music.

    ‘030’ by The Good The Bad (UNCUT) from 030 on Vimeo.

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