• Should the Legal Drinking Age Be Raised to 25 to Eliminate Deadly College Partying?

    October 24, 2010 10:22 am 45 comments
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    Alcohol and youth have formed a deadly alliance on college campuses across America. Children are getting drunker at younger ages and the results are disastrous. The number of fatalities each year numbers in the multiples of thousands. Worse still, the effect this has had on general intelligence and morality is immeasurable. We have a juvenile generation embarking on the most dangerous sorts of experimentations when they flood their bodies with these foul fluids. As these people mature into adulthood, they remain ethically stunted and mentally inferior, incapable of contributing to the best of their abilities as solid, healthy citizens. It is time that the parents and leaders of this country take a bold stand to stop binge partying. The obvious answer is that we must raise the legal drinking age to 25 and ban alcohol from all educational premises.

    Enrollment in a university was once a precious privilege for those capable of furthering themselves. These students grew up to be our scholars and lawyers, doctors and politicians. Today, childhood itself has been extended and people entering school see it as a four-year vacation funded by their parents. Free from any regimen of homework or athletics, they immediately set off to reinvent their nascent identities. They embark on grotesque fashions and competitions, anything to prove themselves to the worst of their peers.

    Of course, beer and spirits figure into this nasty equation. Our young people love to show off their imaginary strengths by imbibing at outrageously offensive levels, sucking down beer until they vomit all over themselves or chugging so many cocktails that blackouts are simply inevitable. Women are not immune from this disaster either. Unleashing all their insecurities into the bottle, that surrogate for manhood’s great prize, they grasp it desperately, hoping that its fermented release will somehow bless them with brilliance.

    college binge drinking

    Take the University of Texas at Austin. Once known as a highly respected institution, its name is now connected with the heights of hedonism. Binge drinking is ripe on this leafy campus and the young girls there seem to cherish this as a rite of passage, one that ushers them into a promiscuous pleasuredome of traded partners and never-ending disgrace, schoolbooks still shrink-wrapped beneath crusted bedsheets and grand lecture halls all but forgotten. The shocking fact that so many of these drunken women take advantage of their fellow college men gives only the slightest hint of how far the mighty have fallen.

    In our schools today, we have scenarios where young girls, barely free from the comfort of their mothers’ arms, are undressing into the smallest of outfits– nothing more than tight, lacey bras really– to advertise their availability like common urban streetwalkers. Propped up by absurdly high heels, they prowl in packs, emaciated and painted, like some evil breed of wolves lusting for free drinks and bathroom cocaine, men with credit cards and all night after parties. It’s a common sight from Boston to Los Angeles to see these sorts of girls, laughing and shrieking at the earliest hours of dawn, drawing scorn from those of us with honest jobs. What can be done to stop these once-beautiful children from being sidetracked into a boozy world of bare-bodied destruction?

    America’s young men are equally to blame for their failure to achieve adulthood. Many families invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into college educations. These parents hope that someday their sons will grow up to be gracious providers for their own senior years. Yet this trust is criminally discarded on the gothic campuses of formerly fabled schools. Princeton University is a prime example. Up until the 1970s, it was recognized as a center of awakened Presbyterian thinking. Now it has fallen on terrible times, devolving into an epicenter of self-congratulatory violation. The students there continually innovate new ways to humiliate themselves, throwing away any promise they may have had to contribute something worthwhile to this world. No, they’d rather dance in their dirty underwear beneath the moonlight while pouring beer kegs over each other’s heads, spinning in circles of fresh skin and flaccid ambition, on a four year pleasure cruise through New Jersey’s sordid delights.

    What happens at Princeton happens everywhere. It’s all are part of a horrific cycle of older boys turning the younger ones onto the party. Yes, the fact that 21 is the current drinking age is laughable, for legal men willingly purchase alcohol for their 17- and 18-year old brethren. This insidious indoctrination in dorm rooms all across America inevitably turns incurably ignominious. We have these shy, gentle teenagers stepping onto campuses like lost deer, seeking out a friendly smile and a helping hand. When that older boy offers it, these young people are easily impressed. Little do they know that they’re taking on a debt that will need to be repaid in the most intimate of ways. At some future night, under darkness and under covers, one will rise as another falls, choking and drunk, their flesh will meet and that teen’s life will be packed up like a greasy deli sandwich in a grab-bag of grueling gratifications.

    college binge drinking

    This outrage is not confined to college grounds as most adults who have traveled out past 10pm surely know. Our roads are veritable obstacle courses of puking pilots after a certain hour. Why the police do not create more roadblocks for youths I will never know. Anyone on the streets after midnight is usually drunk. If you’re not employed on a night shift, why else would you be driving around so late? You see these packed cars of giggling kids and the answer is rather obvious. They’ve either been drinking or using drugs. Now they’re cruising our highways and byways for the next party or club, the next blue ribbon special or marijuana joint. They make our busy roadways look like bumper car rinks, where dented wrecks swerve within inches of your life, their horns blaring, lights flashing, carnival music thumping. And when you see those types who sit down low in their seats, their baseball caps turned backward, the awful thought that they are so high on narcotics that they can barely feel their hands is terrifying enough that you want to take the next exit.

    Stepping up from alcohol to drug use is a disturbing reality of today’s 20-something generation. This is the result of a culture that teaches kids to embrace their innermost demons instead of promoting a realistic Christian understanding of our difficult world. These are children who have bypassed maturity so they can keep the crazy times going. Narcotics have become so common in this country that many authorities have simply given up. The push to legalize marijuana is just the first step in a larger scheme of liberalistic pipedreams concocted to bury our Constitutional freedoms. Their agenda is clearly to deny the vital advances this country has made over the last 50 years.

    As we know now from the subversive leanings bubbling to the surface in the Obama administration, the United States is being forced the wrong way and people are angry. We are entering a cultural showdown. On one side, there are those who have faith, honor and integrity. We are people who trust in the words of our Founding Fathers and the Christian love that once blossomed in this country. On the other side, there is a motley fool’s errand of profiteers and power-seekers, anarchists and atheists who scavenge on this nation’s goodness like buzzards digging into the marrow of a desiccated corpse. Do these enemies of liberty truly understand that we will never give up?

    college binge drinking

    Once our young adults finish their collegiate educations, the party does not end. Parents foolishly finance the next destination in this debauched lifestyle. We have children moving to cities and foreign locales to become hipsters and hippies, homosexuals and hedonists. Each new youth trend is more ridiculous than the last. What happened to the time when work meant getting your hands dirty or wearing a tie?

    Today, it’s about creating music bands that will never be heard, painting paintings that will never be seen, novels that never exist anywhere but on laptop screens and acting careers contained in coffee shop imaginations. These young people are the containers of our future, of our nation’s future. That incredible inheritance means nothing to them. They are insulting the noble sacrifices previous generations made for the greatness of this country. They so readily dismiss the fact that with leadership comes immense responsibilities. They have no clue what God means, what the rule of law means. They have forsaken their churches and their enlightened elders to party away all the affluence and strength that has so graciously been handed over to them.

    As we look upon this lot, what should we think? How much do they deserve of America if they’re unwilling to step up and be men? The incredible disregard for basic morality found on our campuses and in our bustling cities is astonishing. In a decade or two, what will the United States become at the hands of these children if their indulgence is allowed to continue? The hard truth is that there is still time for real Americans to take America back. We have triumphed in wars in the past. Our spines are still full of faith. We have our knowledge and our experience. We can put this nation back on course. It all starts with waking our children up to the cold reality of this nation’s new dawn. They party is over. Let us clamp down on their epidemic of “self exploration” now. Sober them up and open their eyes to the truths of modern life. Let them see that this nation does not suffer fools lightly. They need to know that they’re foul and mistaken, unprincipled and corrupt.

    To protect our future and the livelihoods of our children, we need to make a difficult decision about alcohol and make it now. It’s an incredible distraction on college campuses, one that is pushing this nation far off course. It has caused such failures across the board that now our competitors on the global stage have pushed the U.S. economy to the brink. If we honestly care about the moral development of our young people, we should make the legal drinking age 25 in this country. It’s a straightforward and simple proposition, one that will have an immediate effect. As adults, it’s our responsibility to care for those who are not yet mature enough to take care of themselves.


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