• “Slutty” Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

    October 23, 2010 9:24 pm 35 comments
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    “Slutty” Halloween Costume Ideas
    By: Sidney Oliver Nymm

    Are you one of those women who just has to be something “slutty” every year for Halloween? If so, I have 10 costume ideas perfect for you.

    1. A box of Kleenex

    2. An old sock
    Old sock

    3. A shower drain
    Shower drain

    4. A prophylactic

    5. A keyboard

    6. A pornographic magazine
    Pornographic magazine

    7. A microwaved banana peel
    Banana peel

    8. A sex doll
    Sex doll

    9. A semen dumpster

    10. A “slutty” Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga


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