• South Park Jersey Shore TV Review

    October 14, 2010 6:30 am 45 comments
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  • South Park is a very dangerous children’s show that promotes subjects such as drug use, gun violence and sexualized innuendo to youth.

    The show kicked off its fall season last night with an episode called “Jersey Shore”, which took its plot basis for another children’s televion show named “Jersey Shore”.

    Jersey Shore features teenagers who live in New Jersey and do dispicable things, such as expose their secret places and do the nasty at late night club, with strangers.

    The girls on the show touch down there below on camera and even on one episode, a man touched a young woman named Snookie’s seperator flap on screen. This show is being marketed to children.

    South Park attempted to capitalize off this show, at the expense of our children’s morals.

    The episode premise was that the nation is slowly succumbing to the culture of New Jersey. South Park was the last bastion of normalcy and the parents of the town gather militia arms to fight off the fake orange tans, homosexual hair spikes and bad urban black language found in New Jersey.

    Instead of focusing on the victory of the small town over the moral-deprived Jersey, instead the show used typical crass humor and had the children of the show using drugs, experimenting with take tans and even canoodling with an exposed Snookie beast.

    The episode was patently horrible and I would like to see the stats, because I bet after watching this nonsense we will see elementary school kids getting fake tans and cancer, then STDs for acting out the Snookie-Eric Cartman nasty scene.

    The video is including below for parent council review.Warning: South Park is a dangerous children’s show and should not be shown to kids. Immediately order any women or children out of the room before episode review.

    This episode of South Park is rated S (Sinister) for:

    innuendeo, promoting Jersey Shore, weapon use, fake tans without cancer warnings, bad language, child attack by Snookie without censor, rubbed secret parts

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