• The Gay Teacher

    October 29, 2010 6:47 am 9 comments
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    The Gay Teacher

    (click each panel to view in full size)

    As we learned in today’s comic, a misconception and common error parents make when warning children about child snatchers is that they have to only beware the opposite gender.

    In today’s lesson, we see that gays are crafty and can perform mental gymnastics to make every person look lucrative.

    Months ago, Dan Nordgren warned everyone to beware because the gays are out to get you. No man is safe from a gay, because gays find all guys attractive.

    The same goes for women gays, the lesbians. They find all other women attractive, but also children as well. This is why you see so many teachers attacking their poor male and female students at school and it is very scary.

    Above, we see that the gay really wanted to get Joshua. Joshua’s parents fortunately warned him to beware gays and that they can in many packages of poison, so just steer clear and do not let them get the chance to pour their nasty drano down his sewer pipes.

    The same goes for little basketball Jamal up there. “No homie, dat gay” he says under his breath as his Baptist AME parents warned him to always use his great speed to run away from potential gays.

    Poor Josefina the Mexican though, her parents were Obama liberals. They thought it was cute to teach their children about gay concepts such as playing tickle the twiddle rompus and pinch bottoms, and it was the girl child’s knowledge of these things that made her think it is normal when he suggested she participate in playing twiddlesticks surprise with him while all other children were home safe.

    The gay agenda is to make children all aware of their lifestyle. If we allow gay marriage, this means that even children in elementary will see that little Johnny has two mommies kissing at the Christmas Recital.

    Sweet Samantha will have to ask why Sally’s two daddys were patting each other on the dairy busters and winking at each other with limp wrist hanging and tongues panting. Samantha will ask, “Why were they growing horns in their pants and giggling about it at the intramural games, Mommy?”

    The gays want this to happen, so we have to play it off as normal and a way of life. Then, when they do this around our children and we are not there to protect them, as we see with the little Mexican girl, the gays will strike and do horrible things. It happens day after day, parents.

    Keep gay marriage out of our law. Keep your children safe and make them scared! Let them know the dangers of talking to strangers and ‘danger’ words and phrases gays like to use like ‘are you donesies?’ and ‘fiddlebananas’ and ‘liberal’ and ‘pussyfeathers’ and all of that. You must warn children to have a gut feeling about child snatchers and run to the nearest normal teacher if they are ever scared at school.

    Look at crying Mexican mom up there. Do you want that to be you on the 5 O’clock news? Didn’t think so.

    Educate your children about the threat of the gay teacher.

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