• The Return of America’s Savior: Bush Speaks in Chicago

    October 23, 2010 6:35 pm 11 comments
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  • A nation fallen. A free people, frustrated. A Savior so close, yet so far away.

    America stands in her darkest hour, cast by the forbading shadow of a sable Muslim who masquerades as America’s president.

    Our nation has seen many great horrors: the wrath of the redcoat British Empire. The roving hordes of enraged Mexicans at the Alamo.

    Illegal Indians hellbent on destroying the innocent and denying our nation’s manifest destiny.

    The Civil War. Vietnam Charlies. The Iraqi War. Muslim terrors of 9/11.

    The Chinese.

    On a cold day in 2009, all of these fears once again became fresh and real for Americans. For 8 years, a powerful man, born of humble beginnings that forged his heart of an ‘everyman’, used the strength and guidance of God to shield his people — all 300 million of us — from the horrors of a cruel world.

    One cold, lonely walk changed the fate of our nation. For it was on January 20, 2009, that America lost its protector. A man’s whose divine savvy lead to the fall of history’s new Hitler, a monstrous beast known as Saddam Hussein.

    Under the unction of President Bush, the attack sof 9-11 that caused our housing market crash and economic crisis to occur was quelled. Americans were safe.

    It was on that day, in January, that America forsook a heaven-sent President for a deceptive terror who believes Iran should have nuclear weapons, America should bow before the Euro and that Muslims can build shrines to celebrate that which they took from us on 9/11, right in the heart of New York.

    It was on January 20, 2009, that we forced our nation’s leader and true president, President George W. Bush, to make a cold, lonely walk, all to the cheers of tribal adoration for Barack Hussein Obama.

    Betrayed, Bush boarded a helicopter that took him away not only from the White House, but from his presidential authority and bully pulpit he used to keep our nation safe and terrorists in deep hiding in their caves and drop holes, where they belong.

    America betrayed President Bush. Obama-mania swept over the nation. Republicans betrayed the GOP. Polls were twisted to look like only 42% of Americans approved of President Bush, the man who unified us after 9/11.

    Now we are at the lowest point in American history. 30% of the population is without jobs. The dollar has fallen, wounded to not only the Euro, but the lowly and comical Canadian looney and even the Nazi toilet deutchmarc.

    Never before has America been so crippled. Were the Mayans right, will the world end before we can get Obama out of office in 2012?

    Much like the sinful Children of Israel after having been delivered by God from the hellfire crisped hands of King Pharoah, Americans dance before the altar of the false god and false savior the Obama of al-Jakarta.

    God could have unleashed wrath and plague upon America. He could have made us a fallen nation, much like the United Kingdom who betrayed God for king worship, many years ago.

    Instead, he sent back his Great Leader, with a book in hand. God sent back America’s leader, to lead us back to the promised land of where we belong: Earth’s sole superpower. Earth’s primary economy and trading standard.

    Earth’s undisputed leader in all things: The United States of America.

    Though lost, America will never fall. For there is one man, even betrayed, who will always stand by his nation. President Bush, the last true leader of the free world, is coming back to save us.

    President Bush descended upon Chicago, the very vile city that sent us the likes of Oprah and Obama, the ominously unAmerican duo.

    Both wield great dark power and influence, a sway over the impressionable minority middle class of our great nation.

    President Bush is a man for all people. The words of his book will set America free.

    Decision Points will be released November 9th.

    This book will allow our nation to heal. It will reflect upon 9/11 and her heroes: President Bush, Mayor Giuliani, brave firefighters, the people of New York and Americans at home, who backed President Bush when he vowed to smoke every terrorist out of their hole.

    Where was Obama on 9/11? Out carefree, living the highlife off the taxpayer dollar? Helping al-Qaeda acquire nuclear materials in Iran while we were distracted?

    Who knows. Whatever he was doing, you know it was against America’s Christian heritage.

    Our great Leader has returned. It is time for us atone of our sins for accepting a Muslim president and not campaigning enough against him to sway his fickle African-American and naive college fanbase.

    We must ensure President Bush’s book reaches every home in the ghetto and every shelf in the university. Then, and only then, can our great nation heal by picking a leader who is in accord with President Bush’s leadership.

    God has sent his man with a message; a warning; a hope; a future.

    Decision Points. Go to your local bookstore to buy it on November 9th.

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