• The View Walk Off: Hormonal Women Walk off Stage During O’Reilly Interview

    October 15, 2010 2:37 pm 26 comments
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  • Women are hormonal and much like an adolescent teen, are subject to manic depression, bipolar mood swings and scathing rages. These anger issues are what fuel the heart of every feminist and the marching boot cadence of every woman political activist.

    The worst of the lot of modern age “power females” sit on a show named The View.

    The show is basically Oprah Winfrey light. While men across the nation get up to go to work to support their families, their housewives will adorn themselves in robes and turn into the view to see what their four sages of feminine logic are ranting about for the day.

    The problem? They take the words of these women as the gospel truth.

    Somehow, someway, these four helium heads floated their way into an interview with respected journalist Bill O’Reilly. Sure, O’Reilly can be very passionate and loud in sharing his views during diatribe and that’s all part of the true political process.

    We debate with passion and then vote with reason. These women are clearly capable of neither and such is very typical.

    Pathetic. Look how they run away when things do not go their way. Your wife ever pull this one on you? If not, just give it time because she will.

    Some people just have no business in the political world. Some do not have the stomach for it, and others, the smarts. Some are far too corrupt, be it due to low morals or apathy. Then we have the politically handicapped, namely those afflicted with an XX gene set.

    Does everyone remember when Hillary cried not once, but twice, due to emotional rage and trying to trick Democrats into giving her the sympathy vote during last primaries?

    These are the four women your wife trusts each and every day.

    A loud black woman, a seasoned Hoellywood actress, a quarterback’s trophy and then Barbara Walters, still chaffed from riding Hugh Down’s coattails to the echelons of relevance and respect.

    These women are not qualified to talk about news, let alone interview someone of O’Reilly’s calibre.

    Unfortunately, women have the right to vote and after Oprah, women trust these four harpies to give them “The View’ on what to take about any societal issue.

    So when your wife suddenly thinks Obama is a great guy and abortions are not so bad, despite being a Republican born to a proper home, check the weekly listings for the view.

    Does your wife think her affair with her best friend was ‘liberating’ and thinks it is something you should accept, a one time deal that she needed for her ‘female needs’? Watch the nonsense these homewreckers are telling your wife it is fine for her to do.

    It is giving people like these four a voice and influence that is ruining America. Who on Earth would justify adulterous behavior and abortions but empty-headed, ranting females who speak before they think.

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