• Tiger Woods Is Back on the Safari Prowl, Fathers and Husbands Beware

    October 2, 2010 9:39 am 31 comments
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  • Former trusted golf ace Tiger Woods divorced his beautiful and caring wife Elin Nordgren only weeks ago, yet we see the furnaces of adultery still wildly power the chambers of Woods’ cheating heart.

    Tiger Woods betrayed America. He betrayed the trust we had in him, in letting the nation’s youth look to him as a trusted role model. His secret sins have been exposed and as we can see, Tiger is an eternal cheater. Even after being allowed on the Ryder Cup team as a charity case, look at Tiger’s deprived eyes in the following image sequence.

    Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins performed at the Ryder Cup 2010 Opening ceremony. Being a game of gentlemen, golf typically employs the interest of those whose lifestyles are committed to steadfast decency and trustyworthy habits.

    Even as Jenkins walks by in a tightly fitted red dress, note the eyes of the gentlemen. These men do not let temptation rule their minds. We will see the savage eyes of Tiger, however, give way to his dark heart. They pace with the beady gaze of a dark African jungle panther on the prowl, while staring with the insatiable lust that typifies a typical Asian jackrabbit.

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9882094″]

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    Note how above, the gaze of true gentlemen is not betrayed by that of iniquity. These men look every which way but into the rompus of sin, making sure to avoid eye contact with back flanks. This is how a gentleman looks, perhaps such as if you accidentally walk in on grandma on the ladies dink. You quickly look away, making sure nothing is seen.

    There is no comment that really needs to be made here. Tiger woods spirit is dark and that’s why his golf ‘game’ suffers.

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    Not only weeks after his divorce and we see Tiger Woods has no shame about cheating on our country. You would think that is shame in this expression, but instead it is likely sick fantasy.

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